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We Decode The Secret Behind The Success Of Korean Skincare. Psst, It’s Inspired By Nature

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When it comes to beauty, Korea seems to be always two steps ahead of the rest of the world. The culture that has prioritised skincare over makeup for centuries is the architect of the widely popular beauty innovation like face masks, serums and most recently skincare tools that are probably sitting in your vanity or bathroom shelf as you read this. K-beauty has birthed a plethora of products that could really change your skincare game for good. You don’t have to believe me; Korean women are a living proof. Their porcelain skin, envious glow and naturally flawless complexion are a result of genes yes, but also the goodness of beauty products they’ve been relying on all their lives.

K-beauty is taking the beauty industry by storm, ever wondered why? Apart from the cute packaging and textured, fun content, the products are reliable and they work. The famed 12 -step Korean skincare routine could change It’s not just science and technique that goes into the products, that’s kinda obvious, but also the age-old beauty secrets and natural ingredients fused into them. There’s a reason Korean beauty is literally dominating the global beauty markets and leading in beauty innovation. Sure it seems like a lot but it also seems to show results.

We spoke to Evelyn Ko, Training Manager of Luxury Brands and spokesperson for a Korean skincare brand, Sulwhasoo to get to the core of the success of ever-growing K-beauty and find out what makes Korean skincare what is it today. She says, “There was much more behind that hype. What made Korean beauty so special were its innovative technologies and ingredients, not to mention their benefits on your skin. Korean beauty brands, as well as Sulwhasoo, used various nature-inspired ingredients in skincare products, in a bid to make products that are less irritating and harsh on the skin. These ingredients like ginseng, green tea, and snail slime, might have been quite unique and somewhat shocking to other cultures.”

Think about it. Most of the Korean beauty products you own will have natural fruit extracts or some kind of nutrient-rich food as the key ingredient. In fact, most of the buzziest skincare ingredients have actually been popularised by the Korean beauty. Let me jog your memory. Charcoal, tea tree oil, green tea, rice water and ginseng are all skincare ingredients that are singlehandedly popularised by K-beauty products that you are probably slathering on every day.

In the department of anti-ageing skincare too, Korean beauty has been winning. While it is not wrong to assume that Asian women have a fountain of youth in their backyard, it is actually the science of natural anti-ageing ingredients like ginseng that keep them looking young. Ko says, Sulwhasoo deeply believes that beauty does not deteriorate over time, instead it evolves. With inspiration from thousands of Asian wisdom, Sulwhasoo creates complete solutions. “We use a unique fusion of modern science and legendary efficacy of herbal ingredients to offer a timeless beauty that ages with youthful radiance.”

Their face serum called First Care Activating Serum is fused with Jaum Balancing Complex which is derived from the ancient beauty books of Korea. According to Ko, “This innovative product was first developed in 1997 and has completely changed the skincare routine of women around the world. Sulwhasoo’s First Care Activating Serum was originally launched in 1997. It has now become our best seller; it sells one bottle of the serum every ten seconds and more than 400,000 individual customers have purchased ten or more bottle in their lifetimes.”

Another product from the range, an anti-ageing face cream, Concentrated Ginseng Renewing Cream is formulated with ginseng as its main ingredient in addition to a mix of herbs which helps take years off of face and help maintain youthful skin. Ko says, “In the year 1973, Sulwhasoo developed world’s first-ever ginseng-saponin cosmetic product called Ginseng Sammi, and began to export the product to 25 countries around the world in 1981. Already a gift from time, is the rare and delicate traditional Korean ingredients. After 50 years of dedicated and faithful research on the inimitable Korean Ginseng, Sulwhasoo successfully extracted a rare element from Korean Ginseng that would transform the destiny of skins called ‘Ginsenomics,’ which is a major ingredient of Concentrated Ginseng Renewing products line.”

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Ko also spilled some best-kept beauty secrets of Korean women that they have been trusting for timeless beauty and youthful glow for years. She said, “It is a beauty tip for Korean women to choose safe and effective skincare products for anti-aging, brightening, and moisturizing functions, as well as ingredients obtained from nature, and obtained by modern technology to individual but intensive skin basic cares according to the T.P.O. like age, season, skin concerns.”

Stressing the importance of skincare ingredients like ginseng for ageless beauty, Ko said, “Korea has long been famous for producing excellent quality ginseng. Naturally, on a special day, simple beauty treatments such as ginseng baths began to develop.”

She further added, “Therefore, it is worth noting that ginseng skincare products stand out in the K-beauty market. Among them, Sulwhasoo is the only brand that has the technology to concentrate 6,000 times the active beauty saponin, which has a strong effect on wrinkles and elasticity.”

No wonder, the Korean women have enviously beautiful skin and gorgeous glow, no matter how young or old they are. It is the powerhouse of beauty-boosting ingredients and age-old beauty recipes that make skincare seem effortless and achieving picture-perfect skin incredibly natural for Korean women. And, thankfully, women worldwide have access to these amazing products that they can stash in their vanity and finally get their skin to behave. Not to mention, the heavenly smelling, cute looking and fun textures of these skincare products does take the brownie points.

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