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This Woman Wore The Same Black Dress For 100 Days And Vowed To Not Shop For Clothes As Her 2021 Resolution.

January 08, 2021 | by Anjali Agarwal

Repeating outfits might have been a fashion faux pas some years ago but it has now turned into a trend. The eco-friendly practice of recycling and repeating clothes is not just acceptable but applause-worthy in the eyes of the fashion folks everywhere. Celebrities are doing it, fashion influencers and doing it and so are people like us who previously thought wearing the same outfit as yesterday was a sartorial sin. Do you see yourself wearing the same clothes every single day? Jeans? Maybe. Heels, sure! But the same dress every consecutive day for, say 100 days? Well, this 52-year-old woman from Boston, USA did it and made a strong case for sustainable fashion.

Sarah Robbins-Cole who’s a church leader and college chaplain by profession came across a 100-day dress challenge by clothing brand Wool& in September 2020, the purpose of which was “to encourage people to find contentment in a life of less” and decided to take it up. She said, “I first saw the challenge on social media and thought why not? She picked her black long-sleeved, knee-length Rowena swing dress from the same brand that is made of sustainably sourced merino wool. She wore it for work, at home, a stroll in the park, walking her dogs and even for Christmas.

She shared in one of her Instagram posts that taking the challenge has been a valuable lesson for her and she realised that it didn’t make any difference; in fact, made her feel inspired to buy less, declutter her wardrobe and adopt the fair fashion practices. She even vowed to not buy any clothes or accessories this year. She said, “To my surprise, wearing the same dress for 100 days in a row didn’t take anything away from my life. Instead, it’s inspired me to go one step further and not to buy any new clothes or accessories between January 1, 2021, and January 1, 2022.” This is an exemplary way of supporting eco-friendly fashion.


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Although it may seem like a fashion crime, wearing the same outfit every day isn’t a shame unless and until, of course, you are wearing clean clothes. IMO, it’s actually something to be proud of since you are doing the planet a favour by not overflowing your closet and contributing to textile waste with superfluous garments. And if you think wearing the same outfit or repeating clothes can be a monotonous and boring, you can take cues from Sarah made it look super cool. She styled her basic black dress multiple ways and didn’t let her fashion statement get compromised. She wore her dress with cute cardigans, festive jumper, tucked it in under jeans and threw a stylish jacket over and paired it with a hand-me-down skirt from the 80s.

A couple of years ago, another woman, a schoolteacher from New Jersey also decided to wear a grey dress to school for 100 days in a row and her motive was to educate her students against the growing culture of excess buying. Julia Mooney set an example for her class of eighth graders to make responsible fashion choices and not judge anyone on the basis of what they wear. She told USA Today, “There is no rule anywhere that says that we have to wear a different thing every day. Why do we ask this of each other? Why do we require that we each wear something different every day and buy more clothes and feed into this fast-fashion culture?”


These women are not only normalising repeating clothes but are inspiring us to adopt more ethical practices when it comes to fashion. We subconsciously contribute to the pollution and textile waste produced by the fashion industry by relying on the fast fashion, stocking up on unwanted clothes and discarding them after wearing them a few times. Also, this ‘school of thought’ that wearing the same clothes means you are fashionably impaired needs to change. If re-wearing and repeating your OOTDs is a sartorial offence, we’d gladly be a repeat offender.

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Anjali Agarwal

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