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This Fashion Brand Honoured Covid Doctors In Its Dussehra Ad, Says Doctors In PPE Suits Are The Most Beautifully Dressed. We Agree!

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Let’s start Monday with some good news. India recorded the lowest number of deaths due to Covid today in three months. The cases are plummeting and recovery rate in India stands at 90 percent. Okay, some credit goes to people who are wearing their masks and staying home (there are very few), but it is the remarkable efforts of brave corona warriors like Covid doctors who are working selflessly and tirelessly to win this battle against the virus. While we are safely confined in our homes, they are out there in their PPE suits putting their own life at risk, staying away from their families, missing out on festivals and all the happy moments just for the sake of our lives.

Speaking of festivals, on the occasion of Dussehra, fashion brand North Republic decided to honor the heroic healthcare staff with an emotional ad film. It equates the doctors fighting against Covid to living gods and says that the suits they are wearing are more beautiful than any fashion item. We agree!

The caption on the post reads, “They aren’t wearing their favourite colour, design or style, but all they care about is service. North Republic believes COVID warriors in their suits are the most beautifully dressed. This Dusshera, let’s pay obeisance to those living Gods on earth. Happy Dussehra!” Dussehra is all about celebrating the victory of good over evil and looks like the army of medical professionals who have been on the frontline fighting the virus have triumphed over the evil virus to some extent. So, this Dussehra ad pays tribute to the corona warriors and thank them in the most apt and amazing way.

Watch the video here.


The ad shows a Covid doctor on duty clad in PPE suit who talks to her daughter over video call as she couldn’t make it home on Dussehra. The little girl shows her mom around the house while the other family members are worried about her well-being. This hits home since there have been so many cases where doctors have lost their lives after contracting the virus while treating others as they are the most vulnerable to infection. Nevertheless, it isn’t deterring them from doing their duty and are working day and night without caring about their own health. This ad shows their unwavering determination and devotion towards their profession.

The doctors on the frontline have indeed shown god-like superpowers in this crucial time, for which they should be appreciated and respected. But on the contrary, they have been assaulted, misbehaved with and harassed. Do you remember when some Indore doctors were chased by a crowd and had stones pelted at them just because they were testing people for coronavirus? Or last month when a doctor was attacked by the folks of a dead Covid patient? This isn’t the first time that doctors had to bear the brunt of a healthcare emergency or a tragedy but this isn’t fair especially when they are literally staking their lives to save ours. They deserve better.

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The North Republic’s Dussehra ad sends across a very important message. Although we are yet to beat the virus, we have made a significant progress and it wouldn’t have been possible if it wasn’t for the dedication and valiant efforts of the stout-hearted healthcare professionals working day in and day out. They are exhausting themselves in the hot PPE suits, dodging sleep and toiling for hours to make sure the virus is defeated.

The PPE suits they wear are equivalent to a superman’s cape. They are the real heroes in these tough times and it won’t be wrong to compare them to gods either, living gods in the hot suits, in fact. As the ad says in the end, “If the beauty of the clothes lay in the deeds of the wearer, the scrubs would be the most beautiful clothing.” Their spirit is commendable and the improved recovery rate and dropping corona cases speak of their extraordinary efforts. They are the good winning over evil every day. So, let’s celebrate them.

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