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Real Women Share Their Journey To Body Positivity And Their Stories Are Powerful

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Self-love is above all, they say but women know how more often than not, it is better said than done. In a world that is obsessed with perfection and standardised beauty and being around people who keep your weight fluctuations on close watch and don’t think twice before ridiculing you for an innocent zit on your face, self-love becomes a pie in the sky. However, with brands promoting inclusivity and diversity and the better representation of women of all shapes, sizes, skin tones and skin issues in the beauty and fashion industry, we are at least on the (long) road to body positivity. One such brand that released a campaign to promote body positivity recently is BodyCare Creations.

The lingerie brand asked real Indian women to share their journey of self-acceptance and body positivity on social media as part of their new campaign #MyBodyMyCare. Women opened up about their life-long insecurities and how they managed to not only overcome body issues but also learned to love themselves. From being plump or too thin to having bad skin or simply a dusky skin tone, these women shared their powerful stories through this campaign that every woman who’s struggling with body image issues needs to hear.

Here are some of our favourites.

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“I feel good about the way I look”

Plump is pretty, curves are beautiful and cellulite is natural. Bhavna Narang (@bhavnanarang) who’s a fitness motivator BTW can vouch for that. She captioned her post, “Having turned into a fitness motivator I have been often confronted with statements about ‘looking plump’. Yes I confess to having goals of progressing towards a leaner frame…but at the same time I completely appreciate the level of fitness that my body has reached despite not falling into the “Perfect Figure” category…and I feel good about the way I look.”

“The world will judge you no matter what”

If you thought only curvy girls get the stink eye from neighbourhood aunties, you are wrong. Skinny girls aren’t spared too. You can never dodge the unsolicited remarks about your body but you can snub them by accepting yourself in all your glory. As JB (@vagavogue) says, “Ever since a teenager, I have always been ridiculed for being too thin. I used to think I was not good enough and pretty enough. But now I have realised that the world will judge you no matter what. You are either too fat or too thin,” she wrote. “I have finally accepted the way I am and now feel proud of my body type. For me, a woman is beautiful when she owns her skin like a peice of art. A confident, smart, sensuous and playful woman is beautiful beyond par,” she adds.

“I love myself and I love these imperfections” 

It’s 2020 and we are still normalising real skin. It’s so natural and almost all girls go through some skin problem or other, then what gives anyone any right to judge that? Swarnali Chakraborty (@____swarnali) shared, “Did you see those acne marks, pores and pimples?? These are all part of me. Earlier I used to think it was normal to be insecure within your own face. I have always been insecure about my face. While growing up I would always ask my mother why me. But now as I grow up confident woman , I realise you will have insecurities no matter what , you should just know the process to move on and focus on the positive things.”

“Proud of my brown skin”

India’s age-old obsession with fair skin have put many women through mental hell and Megha (@thedivinestylee) isn’t the only one. But she is one of the few who have shown the middle finger to this societal beauty norm.

She says, “Yes, my skin is brown and I am proud of it! There are plenty of individuals that judge me in the melanin I carry. I get judged because I don’t fit the norm of white skin, blonde hair and colored eyes. The skin color of each person tells a story, do not be a fool and judge them because of this.

“Crookedness makes my smile more beautiful”

A perfect set of teeth makes your smile incredibly beautiful but a crooked one makes you unique, and if you ask me, so much cuter. Shraddha K (@mugglewanderbuff) share the same sentiments. She wrote, “I always felt little insecure about my crooked teeth. I use to not even give a full blown smile in any pictures cause I had this in my head that they are not aesthetically beautiful. But over the time I learned to accept them and realised that their crookedness makes my smile more beautiful! And now I flaunt them with a big smile.” Fun fact: in Japan, a crooked smile is actually considered attractive. So, it’s all about perception and there’s no need to believe these ridiculous beauty norms that tells you how you should look.

It’s the empowering stories like these that inspire women to love themselves as they are. They tossed their weighing scale, skin-lightening ubtans or whatever was holding them back from embracing their perfect imperfections. Body hate is very real and can put you in a bad place but these women show that ignorance is bliss and self-love is the ultimate superpower. We absolutely love this!

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