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Plus Size Models Strutted Down The Runway At The FDCI Couture Week. Finally, Designer Wear Isn’t Only For The Skinny

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The body positive movement is gaining momentum worldwide but it seems like it stops somewhere on your social media feed and never really picks up in the real world. However, as body positive models make an appearance on the Gaurav Gupta runway at the FDCI Couture Week, we can say that things are changing and that’s good news.

The fashion calendar, much like sports, awards and every other seasonal schedule in the world, was shelved or put on hold as the outbreak of coronavirus spreads and cases increase. The chances of the physical show happening were slim so designers shifted to digital platforms to showcase their collection, because the show must go on, even if it’s online. The first-ever digital version of the Fashion Design Council of India FDCI Couture Week kicked off over the weekend where ace couture designers like Amit Aggarwal, Gaurav Gupta and Suneet Varma showcased their Bridal Festive collection for the season.

This seasons’ runway is different for more than one reason. This is the first time that fashion week has gone fully virtual, there’s that but also the show is open for viewing for all as the shows are presented live on the social media. Plus, there is no known face for the showstopper. It’s just the collection and art that’s taking all the limelight, which is great. Another thing that caught our eye was the wide range of models in the Gaurav Gupta’s runway. Inclusivity has been in talks in the fashion industry for long but this is the kind of change we want to actually see on the runway.

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The fashion film gave a glimpse of the collection and the models. The line-up featured Nitya, who is a body-positive advocate, a trans-female supermodel Anjali Lama, Tarun who identifies himself as non-binary, Vee, a trans-male model, a gay couple, Rudra And Anurag and a lesbian couple, Manauti and Anjali. The breath-taking outfits were draped across different body types which was a huge shout-out for body positivity and inclusivity in fashion. Plus, the theme of the collection, ‘Name Is Love’ is beautifully aligned with this rich mix of models with diverse sexualities cast in the show.

Talking about the collection, the bridal and festive wear featured the signature structured silhouette and 3D designs only more functional and practical. The gleaming shimmer and sheer fabric added the refined elegance to the collection. The colour palette was dreamy and stunning with deep hues like midnight blue, orange berry, emerald, champagne gold and neutrals like greys and black, which, TBH, I could never imagine for wedding and festive wear until I saw this collection. It also featured intricate embroidery, pearls and metallic sequins in some ensembles. Love!

For the collection that celebrated love in its true sense, Gaurav Gupta chose to make the show all-inclusive by casting models of different body sizes, genders and sexual orientation. From a lesbian couple to plus-size models, the show starred models of different body shapes and diverse backgrounds that made the gorgeous sculpted silhouettes, the designer’s leitmotif, even more splendid. We are here for size-diverse collection and all-inclusive glamour showcased on the runway.

The Gaurav Gupta’s show celebrated love and all-inclusive fashion by showing the body positive models who advocate love for not only all body shapes and sizes but people from different ethnicities, sexual preferences and basically different stories. The couturier shared on his Instagram account, “While casting for Name Is Love, we discovered brave stories of a young India. And are honoured to represent their courage, their candour and their endearing vulnerability.”

This amazing concept highlights the importance of making fashion all-inclusive and the much-needed representation of body positive models on the runways. The fashion industry has a major influence on the society and the inclusivity in fashion and design could help bring in a social change. More designers need to come up with size-diverse collection and show models who real people can associate with. This concept celebrates curves and the women embracing them and that’s the most beautiful thing about the resplendent Gaurav Gupta’s show, apart from the collection of course.

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