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Ex SC Judge Markandey Katju Claims He Isn’t Justifying Rape But Says Sex Is A Natural Need. The Man Needs To Shut Up

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Some people just do not know how to read the room before they say anything. It’s okay, I guess, not everyone can possess all the skills. But you’d think having been a Supreme Court judge and Chairman of the Press Council of India would have made you a tad more capable of measuring your words. Then again, it’s Markandey Katju, you guys. The man who did Indian Matchmaking before Netflix did, and who drops sexist statements about women as frequently as rapes happen in our country…. What more, other than twisted, desi WhatsApp Uncle logic, would you expect from him. His Honour’s (ex) latest offence against womankind is that he attempted to justify the increase in rapes in India by blaming it on rising unemployment. Mind you, he clarified that he wasn’t justifying rape here at all. But he was doing a very sucky job at convincing us.

The fact that he’d put out such warped logic in the wake of the sickening Hathras rape makes our blood boil even more. READ THE ROOM, MR. KATJU. Read the f**king room, Sir.

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On Wednesday morning, India was watching in horror the news of how the Hathras rape victim’s body was cremated in the dead of the night. The UP cops reported locked the victim’s family members inside the house, while some 200 of them, with batons in their hands, barricaded the entrance. Her family repeatedly pleaded to the cops to let them take home their daughter once. But the Dalit girl was cremated forcibly, without her family’s permission.

Meanwhile, Mr. Markandey Katju chose to write and tweet this. It’s an explanation of how, after food, sex is a natural urge in men. In India, men can usually have this urge quenched through marriage. But with rising unemployment, men are finding it hard to get married. So what do you know, this sex-deprivation is what leads them to commit a heinous crime like rape! Genius.


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At this point, I’m not even going to waste my emotions of anger on this man. You know, better save it for real causes, like the outrage for what happened in Hathras. Or the rising incidence of rape and crimes against women in Uttar Pradesh, heck, the entire country. I’m just disappointed. We get it. Unemployment can wreck the youth’s psyche. So does that mean men turn into utter monsters? Is the former Supreme Court justice trying to say that he ‘understands’ why jobless men might be tempted to rape? The unemployment has hit women hard too. You don’t see us giving in to our id, use men as our personal punching bags or sex toys, and commit such heinous acts, do you now?

Excuse me, but what is this constant need to find logic behind why a man rapes? The motive can be a lot of things—sexual urges, assertion of power, staking a claim. But none of these matter, because the only reason that should be upheld is that he is a monster. Why are a victim’s circumstances blamed to shame her, but a rapists circumstances are blamed to redeem him?

By putting forth this warped logic to ‘not justify’ rape is to shift the burden of blame from the rapist to other things. It plants a ‘reasonable doubt’ in the minds of the people about what truly is to blame in this situation. Not the victim, or the accused’s situation. But the rapist himself! You’d think a former jurist would know how this could weaken the case against the perp!

Twitter gave it back to Markandey Katju and his ridiculous justification. And I wish I could embed every single tweet here that trashed his logic. Because they don’t just attack his argument about rape, but also about how women wanting an employed man for a husband is their fault! Umm, uncle, it’s the patriarchy you and the rest of the country are upholding!

Caste-based violence against Dalit women continues to rise unchecked, and it only gets horrifying with each case. If there is a statistic that should be considered in the case of rape, then it should be this.


Gentle reminder that we continue to raise men like Markandey Katju in positions of power in our country. And the result can only be a u-turn into the Dark Ages.

PS: Better hold on to your jobs, ladies. Lest we get the urge to murder.

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