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Luxury Brand Gucci To Dress Sims 4 Players In Eco-Friendly Clothing. What A Great Way To Promote Sustainability Through Virtual Fashion

October 27, 2020 | by Anjali Agarwal

You know those video games where the characters wear really cool seemingly realistic outfits while they throw kicks and punches and look totally badass? Think the outfit of Clara Lille, the informant in Watch Dogs—that skull T-shirt, leather jacket and oh, those combat boots! Do you ever wonder what brand they are wearing? You know, in case you want to get yourself a similar pair of leggings or tank top? Well, if you’ve been playing Sims 4, you would now and you could be wearing the digital Gucci pieces while you play out the life of a Sim.

In a bid to make in-game content more fashionable and and promote sustainable fashion, luxury fashion brand Gucci has collaborated with the creators of the Sims 4 and redesigned its clothing line exclusively for the virtual players. As part of their Off The Grid campaign, which is their sustainable fashion line, the brand has launched a custom digitized apparel to be used by the characters in the game. The digital collection features classic Gucci shoes and bucket hat that the players can download and wear, while accessories like backpack and duffle bags can be used for aesthetic purposes.

The real-life Off The Grid collection by Gucci is environment-friendly line and all the items are sustainably made of reused and waste materials like eco-nylon which is recycled from fishing nets. The mods in the game are digital imitation of these sustainable pieces which stresses the importance of being environmentally conscious. When a Sim will wear one of these accessories or apparel in the game, their mood will go up and eco-footprint and environmental score of the player will increase.

The content creators of the Sims Community have created the custom content. Grimcookies has recreated the apparel line while Harrie has created a tree house, also promoting the importance of sustainability as it is built with upcycled wood, has recycled furniture and items from Off The Grid line as part of their collaboration. The tree house is equipped the entire collection and accessories from the brand where the players can go and use these mods.

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This concept by Gucci is more than just making the characters of a video game fashionable and dressed in one of the leading luxury fashion brands. It sends across a message for a sustainable future through gaming and we love it. Virtual fashion has been going places lately, with runways becoming digital, ecommerce taking over the traditional shopping platforms and even virtual trials coming to play. This was because of the global crisis which forced the brands to think in digital and move their creativity and collections to the virtual world.

However, these tough times have also made fashion biggies to think sustainable and hence, we witnessed a lot of changes in the industry. Seasonal calendars for fashion weeks were ditched and Gucci was one of the frontrunners of this movement that was later followed by other brands. Now, this collaboration with one of the most popular role-playing video games to promote a positive change for the planet is another remarkable effort by Gucci. This will encourage Gucci loyalists and gamers alike to put sustainability first, not to mention the characters will look super stylish in Gucci apparel and accessories.

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Anjali Agarwal

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