Let’s Talk About Naths. Why Brides Wear Them And All The Nath Design Inspiration Brides Need This Shaadi Season


Brides of 2020 know exactly what they want and how they want it, be it their wedding outfit, jewellery or their prewedding photoshoot. A few decades ago brides might have settled for less or for something relatively mundane, but not anymore. They believe in putting thought and planning before picking the littlest things, for example their bridal nath. It has to be feminine, practical and should complement their personality and bridal look.

The Significance Of The Nath

Before we get into the designs of naths, we did a little digging to find out exactly why naths are worn by the bride. Of course, it is gorgeous, but nothing that an Indian bride has worn has ever been worn just for decorative purposes. No, really. Everything. And so it turns out, naths are worn on the wedding day for a plethora of reasons but mainly because it signifies marriage. One report suggests that wearing a nath means that the bride is a virgin. Okay, we are going to have to abandon the nath pretty quick then.

Even the side you wear it on is important. Word has it that the nath is worn on the left side of the nose because this is the side connected to the reproductive organs of a woman. As with all things patriarchal, the nath could help hasten the baby producing and as we all know, essentially this is why Indian men get married. Apparently, piercing the left side means that childbirth is relatively easier and it could potentially ease menstrual pain. Honestly, if someone were to tell me that piercing my nose will give me bearable cramps and make me not want to bite everyone’s head of, I would do it in a jiffy.

But here’s the one superstition that really got our goat. Apparently, a married woman breathing out through her nostrils may have an adverse effect on her husband. No, wait, don’t let your jaw drop just yet. So, naths create an obstruction in the breathing, keeping Indian husband’s alive. Look, we know what India hates its women and has for a long time, but that a woman’s exhalation should cause the husband to promptly give up is health is just too far fetched, even for us. Get him a fitbit and he’s going to be healthier, we bet. And then you can happily abandon the nath.

Anyway, since now naths are for wedding celebrations…

You’d get a plethora of traditional designs with polki, kundan and jadau and colourful motifs when you venture out in the local markets for your bridal jewellery shopping. But if you are looking for something fresh and contemporary, we suggest you get ahead in the game and have a bunch of options in your mind (read, phone) before you narrow it down to ‘the one’. Talking about the nath design inspiration, we have plenty from the real brides on Instagram.


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We suggest going with something lightweight because not only it would be super uncomfortable to wear a heavy one for the entire wedding, especially if you are not used to wearing one, but can also look a bit overboard with the rest of your bridal jewellery. Go for a sophisticated design with modern aesthetics if you want your nath to be elaborate and big.

A nathani or nose ring is one jewellery piece that is an integral part of your bridal gear. That being said, a lot of brides are also opting to go bare-nose and it’s completely your choice if you want to wear one for your wedding or not. But if you do, make sure it is insanely gorgeous, adds refinery and complements your bridal look just like these contemporary designs here. Take a look.

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Dainty danglers


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A simple oversized hoop with nothing but some pretty danglers on its chain is one of the most contemporary nath designs we’ve seen in the bridal category so far. It looks delicate and so minimal, yet doesn’t bring your look down. Isn’t that what every modern bride wants? A jewellery that appears statement but is actually quite lightweight and gorgeous? Yes, it’s just that.

Chain details


Actress Kajal Aggarwal got married recently and her nose ring design is worth a steal. It’s a small hoop with an embellished motif connecting the beaded chain to the nath but it’s sporadically placed pearls and three chains delicate chains that’s making it look incredibly beautiful. It has that traditional charm and still very modern and fresh. We love!

Customised nath


Here’s a quirky nath design that would be an absolute eye catcher at your wedding. Get a customised nath design made with your husband-to-be’s name boldly written over it. Not only this would add a personalized touch to your bridal look but it will be a jewellery you wouldn’t want to part with ever.

OTT nath  


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If you are looking for a statement bridal accessory, your nath could be it. Take this overstated bridal nath for example which is a perfect fit for the maximalist modern bride who wants to turn heads at her wedding. This looks glamourous and royal but is not huge and would therefore sit comfortably on your nose throughout the ceremony. Notice the green beads matching the outfit and the golden dangling ornaments.

Contemporary Kundan ring


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Not your basic traditional bridal ring, but equally aesthetic and beautiful, this nose ring is intricately designed with small kundan beads and floral motifs. It’s striking and sophisticated and the absence of chain is making it super cool. Also, if you are getting a nose ring that comes without a chain like this one, it’s important it’s lightweight and easy to wear for you. You don’t want to end up with a sore nose the next day of your wedding.

Tiny nose ring


You can match your bridal nath with your wedding jewellery like this bride here. The nose ring is encrusted with studs which looks so minimal and subtle just like her makeup and outfit. For the understated brides, this nose ring would be a great addition to your look. Plus this is a timeless design that would work for you all year round on any occasion, big or small, post your wedding.

Nose pin


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Speaking of tiny bridal nath designs, here a nose pin that’s even cuter and insanely pretty. If you are a minimalistic bride who isn’t going OTT with her bridal jewellery, then you can opt for this one. You can know it’d be pretty easy to carry and would look flattering with your minimal bridal look. And, here’s a hack. If you don’t have your nose already pierced, you can get these nose pins made in convenient clip-ons too.

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