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Hauterfly Investigates: Pavitra Punia Played It Risky With An Ill-fitting Backless Blouse. Those Tie-Strings Stand Between Her And A Wardrobe Malfunction

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Is it just me or do you also feel that contestants at the Bigg Boss house try too hard when it comes to fashion? Yes, they are on the national television but they are also trapped in a house imitating the life of a non-celeb inmate. It’s mostly the Weekend Ka Vaar episodes that we see some extravagant (both good and bad) fashion moments. And, we at Hauterfly love to keep a close watch on all things fashion unfolding in the house, well because it’s fun. Today let’s talk about Pavitra Punia’s backless blouse she wore over the weekend. Hot, risky but a fashion disaster waiting to happen.

It was a bold choice, obviously but internet stands divided between yay and nay. If you ask us, we think the blouse in itself is super sexy. It’s from fashion label Neerushaa Studio, a backless black and white printed blouse with tiered bell sleeves, tassels along the hemline and deep neckline which Pavitra seems to pull off quite well at first glance. However, as soon as she turns, all fashion hell breaks loose (excuse the dramatic metaphor).

The blouse is not a proper fit for Pavitra (a saree sin) and the tie-strings at the back seem a bit too tight and uncomfortable. They are doing their best to keep it in place, so we will give them that. But the whole look comes across as a wardrobe malfunction waiting to happen. Plus, a little more fabric on the sides wouldn’t have hurt and probably would’ve have given a better fit and look. To sum it up, looks like Pavitra Punia packed her bags for the Bigg Boss house in a hurry and didn’t get the time to try out the clothes she was bringing along.

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Pavitra Punia’s look is basically a 101 on how NOT to do a backless blouse with tie-strings. Those strings (dori) at the back look sexy but have a fashion purpose to fulfil too. They pull back the fabric to adjust the bodice and give you a perfect fit. However, in Pavitra’s case, ill-fitted strings are bringing the whole look down, not to mention they are making us extremely nervous as they look like they’ll tear apart (like my life in the lockdown) any second now.

Pavitra’s is big on sarees and that’s fair since the nine-yard fabric does complete justice to her voluptuous body. Her previous saree looks in the Bigg Boss house also featured some statement blouses and experimental styles which we loved. Just last week she wore black saree, also from Neerushaa Studio, and paired it with a fuchsia pink strapless, full-sleeved blouse. She accessorized the look with black boots, belt and gold jewellery. She even made her entry into the house wearing a gold saree with sequinned blouse that fit her like a glove, or you know, how a blouse should.

It happens, though. Fashion faux pas are NBD and no celebrity is immune to it. Even having a professional stylists at your speed dial doesn’t always guarantee that your fashion game would have no misses. Let’s just say we are just glad that the risky backless blouse only became a fashion blunder for Pavitra, not a wardrobe malfunction.

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