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From Mask Chains To Mask Dresses, Fashion Brands Are Tapping Into New Pandemic-Inspired Categories We Didn’t Know We Needed

January 13, 2021 | by Anjali Agarwal

Fashion’s response to the pandemic has been nothing less than extraordinary. While the industry was drastically hit by a drop in sales in the lockdown with companies shutting down and the consumers’ priorities changing overnight, it has jumped back into the thick of things and has emerged stronger than ever. With new and creative alternatives, fashion brands have sought to fight the evil, and quite fashionably so. We are not just talking about turning the most utilitarian of face masks into something that are both practical and chic, although that does deserve a mention. But what has really caught our eye are the the new categories that brands have been exploring since the pandemic hit our lives.

Fashion brands are navigating new and cool options to make this grave time as fashionable as it can get. Last year’s top fashion trends were largely inspired by the pandemic and right it’s looking like Covid is going to continue to influence the trends this year too. Plus, we are witnessing fashion innovations we didn’t even realise we needed before the pandemic. Take the glamourous and glitzy face masks, for example. The pollution protector mask transitioned from a survival accessory to a fashion statement. Not only this, fresh categories related to face masks are also sprouting up and making pandemic more fashionable. Don’t know what these are? From mask chains to mask scarves, here are some of the top fashion categories that didn’t exist pre-Covid but born out of fashion obligation and a little inspiration during the pandemic.

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Mask dresses


Okay, we all know that now you can get matching masks with almost all your outfits, be it a dress or a T-shirt or a kurta, right? But, what’s new? Dresses with a built-in face mask. Brands like PrettyLittleThing launched this black bodycon dress, the neck of which extended to a mask featuring loops to secure it over the ears. Think of it as a longer turtleneck that serves as a face mask. Other brands followed suit and now there are dresses, tops and bodysuits with this pre-stitched face mask that’s convenient and effortless, not to mention super stylish.

Mask scarves


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We knew scarves before the pandemic (even had a bunch of them lying in our closet) and we knew face masks (not like we know them now, but we did). However, we couldn’t have imagined that we needed a hybrid of the two until face masks became a survival essential. A mask scarf amalgamates fashion and function which by being the most practical status accessory. While the mask protects you, the scarf keeps it intact for a comfortable and long wearability and acts as the fashion accessory it is.

Mask chain


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I bet you never thought of adorning your face mask with a dainty beaded chain or a statement gold one but here we are. However, the purpose of this accessory extends beyond the beautification of your face covering. It helps keep your mask close and from losing when you are not using it. It happens a lot of times during the day that you take your mask off for resting your sore ears or simply to breath fresh air after suffocating yourself behind the 3-layered fabric. Instead of keeping it at the nearest accessible place and contaminating everything, or worse losing it, you could attach these chains to your masks and let it hang as a necklace meanwhile. Genius, isn’t it?

Matching hair accessories


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The latest addition to the pandemic-inspired fashion is hair accessories matching your masks. Why just the outfits when you can match your hair add-ons to your face masks too and elevate your look? The next time you go to buy a mask, ask for matching scrunchies, headbands and hair ties to flaunt with your face covering because that’s picked up as quite a trend and brands are dropping aesthetic accessories partnered with masks in similar prints, patterns and design.

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