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Sara Ali Khan Says She Isn’t Brand Conscious At All And We Think It’s Pretty Rad Coming From A Celebrity

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We are used to seeing celebrities strutting down red carpets in high-end fashion labels. Scratch that. We are used to seeing celebrities stepping out for a stroll in the park or visiting their dentist decked in luxury brands. I mean, of course, they have piles of cash and spending their big bucks on Chanel and Louis Vuitton is pretty natural and obvious. However, we are a sucker for celebs who strive on low-maintenance style and still manage to look fashionable. Yes, there are some who are just like us, and shop from thrift stores, bargain at Sarojini and would rather spend their hard-earned money (it is still hard-earned, you know) on local brands and shops. One of those celebrities is Sara Ali Khan. She has been in the industry for a little over a couple of years and it is pretty evident by now that she is the most relatable and real actress out there. We love how, despite hailing from a royal fam, she is incredibly humble and unapologetically real.

Although one might assume she embodies a lavish lifestyle, her revelations and candid confession tell us that she believes in keeping it as simple as possible. In an interview with a fashion magazine, she confessed to not being big on brands. She said, “I don’t like spending a lot of money. I am not brand conscious at all. I am happy in my salwar kameez from Sarojini Nagar and jhutis than in brands that cost more than my monthly income.” This is such a refreshing school of thought and honestly  a bit surprising coming from a celebrity, especially a millennial from the Pataudi parivar

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We live in the world of social media which basically functions on superficiality and conspicuous show-off. The virtual world influences the people to run toward bigger brand names, rather than investing in fashion mindfully and reasonably. With celebrities like Sara Ali Khan and Vidya Balan admitting to shop from local labels and shops, rather than blindly going for designerwear and luxury brands, their fans and followers are likely to emulate this trend of preferring what looks good, rather than what comes with a fancy and hefty price tag.

Celebrities influence the masses in so many ways and fashion is just one of them. From their style to their shopping behaviour, everything is imitated by their fans. A celeb endorsing local artisans can do wonders for the handicraft industry. In the same way, a celeb giving more weightage to clothes from local shops and brands than ridiculously expensive numbers from high-end brands could be impactful for the customers and the fashion industry as a whole. We love how Sara Ali Khan didn’t shy away from saying that she doesn’t mind shopping at a local market or a small store as long as it looks good and saves her money rather than shelling out tons of money for the sake of it. That’s how it really should be. We think if more celebrities share her sentiments, it’s time to come out and admit to doing it. Just saying!    

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