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Everything You Need To Know About Permanent Makeup. Mainly, Do You Really Need It? We Asked An Expert!

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Keeping up with the Kardashians might be easier than keeping up with the latest beauty trends and treatments, TBH. Every day you could find a breakthrough cosmetic procedure or beauty treatment that becomes the talk of the town and before you know it, everyone on your feed is trying their hands on it, or face to be precise. In the recent times, we’ve seen some really crazy beauty treatments (looking at you vampire facial) but there are some pretty amazing ones too that could really work for your skin like red light therapy.

Not just skincare, makeup treatments have been quite a hype in the beauty circuit recently. Remember eyelash extensions? In case you didn’t get the memo, permanent makeup is the latest addition to these trendy beauty treatments that everyone is obsessing over. If you haven’t seen it on your feed yet, that’s because it’s still picking up in the Indian beauty industry but don’t worry you might see it soon everywhere. It’s a global trend that has travelled across and is the hottest cosmetic procedure women are putting their big bucks on. What is it exactly, you ask? We had the same question and thus roped in an expert to get all the deets.

We talked to Cosmetologist and Permanent Makeup Specialist Shagun Gupta about the good, bad and the ugly about permanent makeup. Starting off with the basics, according to her, what it does is enhance your facial features and makes minute beauty corrections. She says, “As far as the face is concerned one can go in for enhancing eyebrows, upper eyelid eyeliner, lower lid liner more commonly known as kajal, lip colour and getting beauty spots corrected.” This could really cut down your everyday makeup routine and save up a lot of time, I must say.

Talking about how it is different from temporary makeup, Gupta said, “Permanent make-up is completely different from regular make-up. It is done by digital or manual machine with the help of needles or blade. Under this method pigment is injected to the top layer of the dermis by means of a needle.” So, it’s basically like getting your basic makeup tattooed in. Sounds scary, I know. She adds, “The process can cause a little discomfort but it is not unbearably painful. The removal process is slightly more painful.” Yikes! But as they say, beauty is pain.

It comes with a whole lotta commitment though. I mean, it is going to last much longer than your smudge-proof liquid lipstick. Once you get the eyeliner or blush done, you’d be wearing that even if you don’t want to be wearing makeup. “Permanent make-up usually requires a down time of two weeks but this varies depending on the treatment area. Lasting period for permanent make-up is way higher than normal make-up, it lasts from a minimum of 6 months and go up to 3 years,” says Gupta. So, if you are a commitment-phobic when it comes to makeup, you might want to think twice.

Who should be opting for it then, we asked? She said, “Anyone with the willingness to look beautiful or enhance their existing beauty can resort to permanent make-up. It is advisable that people who are slightly younger in age give it a proper thought before going in for it but anyone above the age of 35 can easily think of getting it done as it is absolutely safe for those. People with physical and medical limitations may seek out of this procedure.”

A lot of celebrities are opting for permanent makeup too these days, Gupta reveals. It’s still taking off in India, albeit gradually, and women are already testing the waters. “Permanent make-up is in fact having its time in the sun currently. There was little apprehension at one point, mostly because of lack of good and well-educated specialists but now with influx of specialists who are really good with their works people are getting more and more drawn towards this field,” she said.

Let’s talk safety precautions and risks involved with the procedure. Gupta said, “Generally, the permanent make-up is very safe. The most serious risk is that of being injected from an improperly sanitized tool, equipment, station and place. Apart from this a few people have noticed burning sensation and swelling during MRI test.” She insists on picking a well-trained specialist, keep in mind the quality of the products and going to a place that prioritise hygiene.

Microblading aka brow enhancement is one procedure I find to be pretty popular among Indian women and if you ask me, it makes sense too since getting your brows done every month is the most tedious and painful of all. Don’t even get me started on my pain tolerance. However, this makes us wonder if the process of enhancing features fuel unrealistic beauty standards and stresses on stereotypes regarding how one should look. Gupta believes, “It does not promote unrealistic expansions at all, in fact it just helps with basic corrections and enhances the existing features of the person. It can actually prove to be a big boost for one’s confidence.”

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Makeup, permanent or temporary is a choice, IMO. For women who want to steer clear of spending their time on extensive morning routines and still want to look on fleek every day, permanent makeup is your solution. For women who think they are flawless the way they are can most certainly skip on it. Gupta says, “It certainly makes the life of a person easier. If someone is not fond of make-up, this might prove to be practical solution for them. There are a few people who are allergic to powder make-up or other cosmetics, permanent make-up is a boon for them.” So basically, it is not about who needs it, but rather who wants it. Nobody needs to enhance their facial features, but if want to, sure, go for it, and tell us how your experience was.

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