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10 Thoughts I Had While Watching The Trailer Of Fabulous Lives Of Bollywood Wives. Mainly Ki, It’s Going To Be Cringe, But I’m Going To Watch It

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I was going on with my daily work routine when I stumbled upon the trailer of Fabulous Lives Of Bollywood Wives on Netflix. One thing led to another and before I know it, I was already sharing it with my friends. The series follows the lives of four star-wives: Maheep Kapoor (Sanjay Kapoor’s wife), Seema Khan (Sohail Khan’s wife), Bhavana Pandey (Chunky Pandey’s wife), and Neelam Kothari (Samir Soni’s wife).

In the trailer, it’s revealed that these women have been friends for more than 25 years. I don’t know how they throw crazy tantrums at each other and have teenage-y fights but as long as they are loving it, who cares?

The trailer was full of glamour, don’t let Maheep tell you otherwise. They wore stunning cocktail dresses, went for mind-blowing vacations, and had drinks that Queen Elizabeth would be having if she wanted to. Of course, they are putting their glam side forward and I bet there’s a worn-out tee somewhere in their closet that they refuse to let go. Please tell me there is.

We also see Shah Rukh Khan and Gauri Khan make a cameo in the trailer and oh boy, it was such a sight to behold! We get glimpses of Ananya Panday too, looking clueless yet pretty while getting her photoshoot done.

Just within a span of few minutes, the trailer of Fabulous Lives of Bollywood Wives left me with so many pressing thoughts and now I am excited. Here they are! Can you relate?

  1. They find shopping in a Rolls-Royce non-glamorous while I feel rich in an Uber Premiere

“People have this misconception about us that we have these ‘Oh so glamorous lives’ but that’s not really true. Our lives can be quite mundane,” says Maheep, and then she adds, “Of course we go shopping in a Rolls-Royce… is there any other mode of transportation?” And that’s the most deadpan expression I have ever had on my face. If that’s called mundane living, what do you think about us mortals being rejected by 20 rickshaw walas every day? Oh dear God, that was the mundane life I was asking for!

  1. What’s with “stupid cow”? What’s this, Mean Girls?

Maheep calling someone “stupid cow” is like so offensive. Nobody finds trash talk glamourous anymore, hon. And whatever issues you have with that person, sort it out, why intelligence-shame the cows?


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  1. Maheep Kapoor is “not a stalker” but she will look into the lives of her neighbours with binoculars

Omg, I love her enthusiasm! Like sure, desi people have a thing for juicy gossip and all that shit. Whose daughter is sexing it up secretly when her parents are away, which aunty is having an affair with a hot younger dude, which couple had a fight – it’s really fun to know. But we at least try to be nonchalant about things and just be like ‘oh, we happened to see ‘cause the windows were open.’ This woman has a pair of binoculars and all that! I bet that she easts popcorn while at it or is that too middle class? Sure, Maheep, you are not a stalker. Meanwhile, people living in Juhu are now afraid to keep their curtains open.

  1. This is going to make me feel very poor but also very sane

These four women be spending money left, right and centre and I’d be happy to get an additional 10% off while online shopping. I don’t think they even know what “promo codes” are. They be going to shiny bars and I be going to a dive bar and ordering the cheapest available beer. Fabulous Lives of Bollywood Wives is making me feel poor already but with all that cattiness, I feel so so sane right now. Thank you, universe.


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  1. Also, Seema Khan needs to stop scarring Kim K

So she has been DMing pictures to Kim K and that is low-key creepy! A celebrity here is a creep elsewhere! Seema, please stop. Her manager must be very scarred by your vehement commitment to a one-sided friendship with Kim. Also, you have real friends or so is the hope.

  1. When Neelam said, “This is ridiculous”, I was like at least she knows

Thank you, Neelam for acknowledging it. While their behaviours are so unrelatable because you know, I am poor, it is really nice to see they dgaf about being flawed. I was almost thinking they are not aware of them but these women are! Self-awareness is key. Also, while all that cattiness is considered a healthy group trait amongst you guys, I hope it remains contained in there and doesn’t often pour out on unsuspecting individuals.


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  1. Neelam’s flirting skills are questionable

That guy was so cute! I don’t blame Neelam to want to flirt with him but did you see her flirting skills? She goes like “Je m’appelle Neelam” which means “I am Neelam” in French. That is your pickup line? Your name? Thank God, you’re pretty!

  1. I like how the list of their problems go like “work, kids, husbands, shopping in a rolls-royce…”

At some point, the women are seriously discussing their problems like all of us do. We love to have a heart to heart with our friends! And their problems go like “work, kids, husbands…” and possibly the non-glamorous experience of shopping in a Rolls-Royce. Haaye, yeh life!

  1. I love their confidence

Did you see how one of them tries on a pair of sunglasses and another woman says she didn’t like them? And she goes like how fabulous she looks in them and leaves saying “shut up, bitch”. Erm, didn’t you like ask them for their opinion? Full points for confidence though!

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  1. I am literally judging myself for enjoying this

Really, I can’t be the only one getting cheap thrills out of Fabulous Lives Of Bollywood Wives! People loved The Indian Matchmaking and Bigg Boss still has roaring TRPs. This is us, desis love cheap thrills and I may be judging myself just a little. But what the hell, can’t wait to see all those juicy bits.

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