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Pineappling: Your Solution To Frizzy, Curly Hair Problems

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Styling curly hair can be quite a task, one that beauty and style bloggers seem to have mastered to perfection. But as easy as those YouTube tutorials look, I know that the struggle is real. Every girl with curly hair has a love-hate relationship with her tresses and I totally get how you feel, girlfriend!

If frizzy, curly hair is not one of your top 5 looks for summer, then here’s a technique you’re going to love. Meet Pineappling – an east styling method where you tie your hair at the top of your head in a loose ponytail with a scrunchy. Make sure you don’t tie it too tight. Just take the scrunchy around your pony once if you have thick hair, and twice for thinner hair. Don’t try this out on wet or very damp hair. Make sure your hair is nearly dry before you try pineappling it. Now depending on how long you have, you can either leave it on overnight or keep it for a couple of hours for best results. How does this help? Well, you don’t sleep on your curls and ruin them. Tying them at the top keeps them from getting killed under your head.

How does this help? Well, for one you don’t sleep on your curls and ruin them. Tying them at the top of your head keeps them from getting flat under your head.

Did I mention that pineappling works wonders on second-day hair too? Washing your hair every second day, especially when it’s curly, is very taxing not to mention extremely time-consuming. Pineappling helps you keep frizz under control while giving you gorgeous locks to flaunt. Another great tip we’ve recently picked up is tying your hair in a t-shirt instead of a towel. T-shirts don’t damage your hair and keep the frizz under control. So you might want to tie a t-shirt around your pineapple like a turban. It’ll keep your hair in place and out of your way too!

These videos should help you figure it out!



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