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Valentine’s Day Gifts That Will Make Your Partner Feel All Loved Up

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Team Hauterfly is full of women who are very, very single. I don’t want to divulge secrets, but there has been talk of a petition banning the sale of everything cheesy on Valentine’s Day. Because admit it, you may not believe in cupid and the concept of the day, but even a simple walk down the street will have you dodging cheesy couples exchanging teddy bears, restaurants flinging dinner deals at you and salons offering to doll you up to look your prettiest best. So, despite your reservations, there is no escaping Valentine’s day. But if you do want to make your partner feel more loved and you can’t think of anything they need, we give you a few options they may not need, but will definitely love. Buy them a gift. No, really.

We’ve curated a gift guide for people who want to put in a little more thought into what their loved one would appreciate.

Lakme Eyeliner

Lakme Eyeconic Liquid Eyeliner

Admit it, an eyeliner can work like magic. And this one is dark, matte and will stay till the cows come home, and pigs fly. You get it, I mean, it’s going to be around for a long time. And it comes at a price that won’t break the bank.

Summer Somewhere Pantsuit

Summer Somewhere

We get it, not everyone wants to OD on red for Valentine’s Day. And maybe you don’t want your partner in red. This pantsuit from Summer Somewhere is stylish, comfortable and comes in a blush pink that’s all sorts of amazing.


Rose Chandon

Chandon Brut Rose

There’s something deliciously sexy about a wine and cheese night. And whether you’re self partnered, going out with girlfriends or meeting a partner, Chandon Brut Rose is a great option.


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You don’t have to tell her she’s hairy. In fact, we don’t think that’s ever a good idea because even if you like it, it’s never going to translate well. But, if she does enjoy keeping herself hair-free, with no pressure from you, of course, then these options from Bombay Shaving company are pretty handy. And pretty.


Hennessy Very Special

Hennessy Very Special

If you both aren’t wine lovers but veer towards a cognac, get yourselves a bottle of the Hennessy Very Special.  Whip up a cocktail with the cognac, kick back,  light up some candles, tune up your favourite music to enjoy a glass or two of this.

Bloom barn

Bloom Barn

Some would say flowers are passe but around here, we love a bouquet of love. There was a girl at work who would often get flowers from her boyfriend after a fight and I don’t want to be rude but I really hoped they would fight more so we could get more roses at work. If you do decide to go with flowers, you could even throw in some fruits, something the Bloom Barn in Mumbai is offering. Everything looks so delicious and pretty.

Bare Anatomy Skincare

Bare Anatomy Skincare


You can’t want products just for their packaging, right? I do. These products from Bare Anatomy which has a 3 step skincare routine come looking pretty and make for a great gift.

Kiko Milano Lip Balm


Eeeps, we love ourselves some glitter and shine and this sparkling lip balm from Kiko Milano has us swooning. We want that on our lips. Individually, of course. You can never be too careful in these times.

Clinique Even Better Concealer

Clinique Even Better All-Over Concealer + Eraser

The Clinique Even Better foundation is the kind of hydrating base you need on the daily. I am particularly drawn to it when my skin is looking dull and the foundation peps it right up. So, I was super excited that Clinique has now launched a concealer that is in a cream-gel formula so it glides on like a dream and makes me look awake. I love it.

Sugar Cosmetics Mini Lip Kit

SUGAR Cosmetics Mini Lip Kit


If you’re looking for a creamy pout that will set hearts racing, the SUGAR cosmetics Liquid Lipsticks mini set is a great option. It offers a variety, has a great formula and will stay long after the passion has fizzled it. Some might say it’s better than a date. 😉

Needledust Juttis


Now I know not many people would recommend giving a loved one juttis but if you think their brand of quirky doesn’t bother with rules, then these pairs from Needledust will catch your attention. I specially think the Nomadic Louie one would make for a great gift.

indya skincare

Indya Skincare

The brand that you’ve associated for long with contemporary Indian clothes is now coming out with its skincare range and it’s beautiful. In its skincare line, Indya has introduced a lip care kit that I am drawn towards given that my lips are going to be doing the talking this Valentine’s Day.

Dermafique masques

Dermafique Masques

If you’re in the market for some skincare or know someone else who is, the new products from Dermafique have certainly caught my attention. I have previously tried their toner and loved it. And now, they have introduced masques to address various skincare concerns and I am willing to send you my address, I am just saying.

All good scents

All Good Scents Perfmues

Who doesn’t instantly fall in love when someone smells good? Okay, only I am that easy? Fine. But hey, if you want your partner to smell like a bouquet or fresh or anything at all, All Good Scents has some fragrances that could get the action going.

Pixi by Petra

Pixi By Petra Glow tonic

Here’s a confession. Put anything that smells like rose in my skincare and more often that not, you can take all my money. And if you put it in skincare that actually works, then you’ve (and I’ve) hit the jackpot. The rose-infused products from Pixi by Petra are amazing and if their Glow Tonic reviews are anything to go by, should perform like a dream too.

Yamamay Lingerie


How could we make a Valentine’s Gifting guide and not include lingerie? If you’re looking for something racy and red because so what if it’s a cliche, it gives you the best sessions in the sack, then these picks from Yamamay lingerie are oh so perfect.

Platinum love bands

Platinum Love Bands

A proposal in the offing? We’re pretty sure you are going to need a ring for that. And it doesn’t get better than than Platinum love bands. The love bands are precious, look stunning and there’s no way anyone can say no to these. Believe us, they are going to be flaunting these around.

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