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Here’s How To Take Care Of Your Skin When You’re On Holiday

May 18, 2017 | by Jaishree Sharad
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Celebrity skincare expert and cosmetic dermatologist, Dr Jaishree Sharad, is here to solve all your beauty woes and make sure you have glowing, flawless skin, in her new column on Hauterfly — Skin Deep With Dr Jaishree Sharad.

If you have any burning questions about your skin or dermatology-related issues, feel free to shoot them in the comments below — or drop us a line on hey@thehauterfly.com — and we’ll be happy to have the good doctor answer them!

Headed to an exotic destination? Whether you’re travelling to a tropical beach (hot, humid, plenty of sun), snow-capped mountains (less atmospheric oxygen), or a European hotspot (freezing, dry weather), chances are your skin is not used to the climate of your holiday destination. Here’s how to make sure you get that proverbial vacation glow, and keep it too!



Avéne Rich Compensating Cream (Rs 1,530)


Frequent fliers swear by this trick of applying intense moisturiser before travelling. This will help increase your skin’s water content and prevent the dehydrating effects of cabin pressure.

Forgo The Foundation

After spending hours in dehydrated cabin pressure, foundation will only dry your skin out more. Wear your regular moisturiser and skip the foundation on the day of your trip. Alternatively, you could use a tinted moisturiser or a BB cream for a fresh, healthy look.



Vichy Thermal Spa Water (Rs 450)

Parched Skin SOS: Thermal Water Mist

We’ve already spoken so much about timing being crucial when it comes to moisturising, about how the cream needs to be applied to damp skin to lock the moisture in. Well, that applies to your face too. Whether you need to reapply your moisturiser or refresh makeup while travelling, never pile on more products without misting your face with mineral water.

Oily Skin? Blot It

To keep oily skin from getting out of control while travelling, carry blotting papers or rice papers along. Dab the T-zone as often as necessary. Dabbing (instead of wiping) helps soak up the shine and excess oil without dehydrating your skin, so you’ll arrive looking fresher.



The Body Shop Vitamin E Lip Care Stick SPF 15 (Rs 350)

For Luscious Lips, Skip The Lipstick

Long-lasting lipsticks tend to dehydrate and parch your lips when travelling. For a soft dash of colour, wear lip gloss instead. Reapply the gloss throughout the trip and your lips will look fresh and luscious.

Prone to dry, cracked lips? Pack a lip cream in your carry-on bag and use it liberally. A medicated balm is also a good option — it won’t rub off easily and will keep your lips hydrated for longer.

Get The Better Of Puffy Eyes

For an automatic wake-up call that will leave you looking and feeling fresher (apart from reducing under-eye puffiness), put crushed ice in a washcloth and apply it under the eyes. Vacationing in cold climate? Try keeping steeped teabags on your eyes for 10 minutes for a calming effect or resort to grandma’s favourite — cold potato peels. Try and have less salt in your diet. Remember salt water retention ups the puffiness.



Avon Nailwear Pro+ Nail Enamel (Rs 104)

Keep Your Digits In Ship-Shape Condition

Despite the alluring holiday hues of your nail varnish collection, skip brightly coloured nail polish when travelling. Chips show through quickly and easily in bright and dark colours. Travel pros recommend buffing and polishing nails (clean, crisp look) or applying a neutral, sheer colour (natural tones) that won’t call attention, if it does chip.



Forest Essentials Delicate Facial Cleanser (Rs 1,075)

Don’t Cheat On Your Cleanser

If you had to take only one skincare item from home, let it be your cleanser. Because an abrupt change in cleansers is the easiest and quickest way to disrupt the skin’s acid balance, and give you a breakout or dehydrate your skin.

Make The Most Of Your Travel Time

If you’re likely to be flying for an extended period during your trip, make the most of your nap on the plane. Dot some super-rich cream around your eyes, then slip on a sleeping mask for rejuvenating beauty sleep that will leave you looking fresher and more relaxed when you wake up.



Anatomicals Night Time Hand Cream (Rs 600)

Don’t Skimp On The Hand Cream

Never leave home without a tube of your favourite hand cream. Use your hand cream liberally throughout the trip to prevent your hands from drying out.

Carry Your Arsenal Along

When travelling abroad, remember to bring your regular facial products along. You cannot rely on the quality of lotions and creams available in your hotel rooms. Other travelling basics include sunscreen; drinking lots of water; and avoiding foods and drinks that can cause your body to retain water and make you appear puffy (read: salty food, caffeinated drinks). Don’t forget your sunglasses, hats, and scarves.


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To compensate for all the high-calorie food that you cannot resist while you are on a holiday, walk as much as you can. Walking is the best way to explore a new place. Not only will you enjoy the beauty of the place, but you also put your body in action and burn all the extra calories you have consumed earlier.

Jaishree Sharad

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