The Most Important Contouring Rule That You Are Ignoring

Even though the Kardashians are credited for creating a frenzy around contouring, it’s something makeup artists have been practising since ages. Makeup is incomplete without adding dimensions on the blank canvas that you have created on your face with foundation. Contouring is all about pushing back an area in order to bring out another, like when creating a hollow under the cheekbones and jawline to create the illusion of having high cheekbones and a chiselled jawline. The one cardinal rule to nailing contouring that you simply cannot forget is that contouring products HAVE to be matte finish.


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Whether you use a cream product or a bronzer to contour, it can’t have even the slightest hint of shimmer particles or iridescence. When you push an area inward to create a hollow, you use dark colours. If your bronzer has shimmer it will reflect light and that defeats its purpose. Remember that iridescent and shimmer formula are used to highlight or bring forth an area by drawing light to it.


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And while we are on the topic, we might as well discuss how much is too much. While Instagram is a good place to learn what’s trending in Beautyville, it’s hardly the right source to seek inspiration from. Adding dimension is good, looking like your cheek is cut into two distinct parts is not. It looks ageing and unflattering, and if I’m being totally honest, it looks unnatural. While contouring your cheeks remember to use the end of your eyebrow as a guideline.


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Hold a pen or brush vertically against the end of your brow. Mark the spot it hits under your cheekbone. Do not go beyond this point while contouring your cheekbones. While some people like to contour midway to the cheek, I think it looks unrealistic. While contouring your nose, avoid contouring the tip like most beauty vloggers do, unless you have a really long nose. Contouring is all about blending and make sure you do spend maximum time in doing so.

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