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Make-Up Mavens Virginia & Natasha Give Us A Masterclass

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11. What are the essential items one should carry in a handbag while travelling?

NN: Some travel skincare like cleanser, moisturiser and lip balm. If you want to wear make-up, pen eyeliners are great because they won’t spill and can be used anywhere. Carry a small eyeshadow quad and a lip and cheek cream for colour, and a red lipstick in case of emergency!
VH: Good skincare, first and foremost. Then you can add a good eyeliner, mascara, brow definer, light blush, concealer/corrector/base, powder compact, lipstick/gloss.


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12. What are your quick-fixes for make-up mishaps?

NN: Make-up mishaps happen to the best of us, and here are some common ones and how you can fix them.

Smudged lipstick: Get some concealer on a Q-tip or concealer brush and dab over where the lipstick has smudged to make it look perfect again.

Badly blended foundation: Get a stipple brush or a sponge that’s a bit damp and blend off the excess foundation with that.

Too much blush: Use a cotton pad to lightly rub off excess blush without removing your base.

Messed up liner: Again, a Q-tip is your best friend. Get some make-up remover on it and sweep off the problem areas in one stroke. Your liner will be sharp and neat.

VH: Wet tissues are superb for any make-up mishaps. Eye make-up fallout? Just wipe away with a wet tissue. Winged liner gone wrong? Just use the wet tissue to get a sharp edge!


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13. Bollywood is a minefield of make-up inspiration. How can one incorporate those looks off-screen?

NN: The best way would be to pick a star you really like and try a few of their looks. Of course, keep them appropriate to the occasion, but otherwise try all the looks you can.
VH: I think pick an icon/actress you admire and look at some of her pictures and take inspiration from them. Kangana Ranaut is a super role model as she experiments a lot. Practice these looks at home and always check your lighting!


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