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Farozan Is In Mocha Choca La-La-Love With This Lipstick!

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Growing up, my sister and I celebrated our differences. Our features, sartorial sense, and taste in beauty products have always been poles apart. While I tend to revel in a world of juicy tangerines, pretty pinks, and sexy red lipsticks, my sister chooses subtle nudes and blush pinks. She’s the lip gloss to my moisturizing mattes! While I rock a wild head of curls, she’s got a super sophisticated, straight lob. This has always worked for us, as what looks terrible on me looks terrific on her and vice versa.

One fine day, almost a year ago, while crashing at her house, I decided to raid her beauty supplies and like every self-confessed beauty junkie, I swatched everything in sight. That’s how I stumbled upon one of my top ten favourite lipsticks in the history of the universe, MAC’s Mocha. It’s the shade that took my nude-ginity, and I’m proud to say has sparked a life-long romance with ‘My lip, but better’ shades. It’s one of the most popular MAC shades in India and rightfully so.


MAC Mocha_Hauterfly

MAC Mocha (Rs 1,450)

Oh, what a beauty! I’ve finally found a nude shade that doesn’t make me look like a corpse! I was instantly addicted to how the peachy brown gives my lips a finished look, without making me look like I’m wearing too much makeup! It’s fantastic for everyday use and the staying power is quite good, I probably reapply once a day, but that’s because I drink so much water and coffee!

 A word from the wise, spending five minutes exfoliating and moisturising your lips is totally worth it before you swipe on MAC Mocha. (FYI: A little birdie tells me it’s also a great Kylie Lip Kit dupe that’s freely available in India.)

What’s even better is that for the first time in our lives, my sister and I can actually bicker over a lipstick. MAC Mocha looks equally amazing on her dusky skin as it does on my fair skin. I can’t think of a better bonding experience with my sis, can you?

SHOP NOW: MAC Mocha (Rs 1,450)
* Available at MAC stores across India. For a full list of stores, check here.


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