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I Tried A Cryo Facial Where They Practically Freeze Your Face To Give You Better Skin And Here’s What Happened

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I don’t say it very often but I absolutely love my job. No, no one paid me to say this. Okay, I do get a salary but with that amount you can hardly call it a bribe. *makes an awkward joke about peanuts as salary* Honestly though, I enjoy writing and editing and then spotting really funny typos. What I also enjoy is the wonderful things I get to try out. For example, my Monday was made when I was invited to try out the Cryo Facial at Alchemy Life in Mumbai. Unlike what it sounds, the cryo-facial isn’t where you cry a lot over your ex and get sort of swollen eyes and pink cheeks which is kind of a sad but interesting look.  This is a facial where they blow really cold air at your face that can actually make you look younger. This is because it improves collagen production. And if the promise of looking younger is there, I am all for it. So here’s what happened when I tried it out.

This facial got better because Organic Riot, a skincare brand has also partnered with Alchemy to make the skin glow better. Anyhoo, I was ushered into the room with dimmed lights and the treatment kicked off with the damp, cold towel which was the perfect anti-dote to my sun-bothered face. Then, she made me feel the cold air on my hand to let me know what to expect. And then for ten minutes, she blasted cold, cold air on my face. Now, this isn’t the kind of facial you fully relax in, because well, it’s freezing your face and even if you’re expecting it, it does get really cold. If you want to get an idea of how that feels, imagine sitting in front of a very cold air conditioner for ten minutes straight. By the end of it, my face felt like a popsicle. It was wonderful but also really cold. Which isn’t new information because what was I expecting, right? My therapist then went on to apply Organic Riot products to my skin. She even applied the Spotlight cream on my elbows and my feet. This bit was really relaxing.

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I then headed out rejuvenated and happy. Good skin can really turn your skin around. Who knew?

Oh by the way, if you want to try this out, and you will need more than one session obviously, get your glow up with the Alchemy X Organic Riot facial.

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