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#HauteList: A Mascara That Will Give You Curly, Fluttery Lashes That Are Clump-Free

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Mascara and I have a love-hate relationship. There are days – the full makeup ones- that I need it to pull my look together and I love it. And on other days, when it’s the only thing that will keep my eyes open, I hate it because I just want to sleep, okay?

Also, my earlier run-ins with mascara didn’t end that well. My lashes would look dry and crunchy and very willing to leave my eyelid. At some point, it got difficult for me to blink because my upper and lower lashes. would embrace each other like long lost lovers. And separating them felt too evil, like I was the Tayyab Ali of eyelash love. So you get why I would have reservations with trying out mascaras.

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To be fair, I gave other mascaras a try and but they ended up more on my eyelids than really on my lashes. So I was wary. Now, even though I wouldn’t suggest that you use someone else’s eye products, I ended up doing that myself. I was getting ready and I had forgotten my mascara (ahh typical me) and I asked my friend if I could borrow hers. And she obviously oblivious to all the things that can happen if you share any eye products, said yes. She handed me her Sugar Cosmetics Uptown Curl Mascara. I’ll admit I wasn’t prepared to be as impressed by how lovely the mascara was. I just applied it, and bam I was in love.

It comes in your usual mascara packaging , it’s nothing to write home about. It is the wand that does all the magic. The slight curve on the brush allows you to apply your mascara smoothly and easily without any struggles or making funny faces in the mirror. It really lifts your lashes and curls them. I fell in love with the product when I saw it didn’t clump and was easily gliding along. I really could have just sat there applying mascara for the rest of the night, it was honestly so satisfying. And the best part about this product is not only the price, which by the way is only Rs 499 but also that it stayed me the whole night which is more than what I can say for some of my boyfriends.

The heaviness that mascaras usually have was missing which was nice.  I could freaking blink again. So, without wasting any time I ordered one for myself and I think you should too, if you are a mascara addict like me.

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