Introducing Geode Hair: The Biggest Spring 2017 Hair Trend

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Unicorns, rainbows, and now geode — these supernatural beauty trends seem to be taking over our life. But when fantasy collides with reality, it always makes for some breathtaking beauty looks.

So, if you dare, give spring’s latest hair trend a try — the geode hair trend. Shine through the warmer season with hair that sparkles like crystal geodes, which are basically super pretty crystallised, colourful rock formations. Take a look.

Who can deny the iridescent beauty of this balayage style colour?

You can opt for a colour palette of your choice — violets and blues or pinks and greens. Since this isn’t a colour we would recommend a DIY for, it’s best to do it with a professional.

If the colourist would like to better understand the trend, show them this step-by-step post, so they can achieve the look perfectly on your hair!

Start by lightening the hair and using a colour that removes the yellow tones from your hair, making it white-ish blond. You don’t have to cover your roots. Let this dry out.

Then, around the mid-section, apply a shade like amethyst purple. Proceed to a moonstone-like colour at the tips. Together, this will form a geode effect.

#HauteTip: Opt for colours that add shine to the hair and emulsify the colours with your hands.

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