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#Dupesday: We Found A Dupe For The Sparkly, Shiny Stila Liquid Eyeshadow For Rs 900 That’s Just As Good

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Hello, it’s me again. The eyeshadow hoarder. Pfft. Okay fine I won’t start with “how much I love eyeshadow” again, you guys already know that through all my articles. Today, I want talk about my old hobby, but with new products. Hoarding liquid eyeshadows. I know. Shocking!

You can blame Sephora for this new product hoarding because as I was innocently walking by all their displays of amazing makeup, trying to avoid stopping at any and then came this one counter that said Stila. Look, I tried not to stare. I reminded myself again and again that you cannot sell your sibling for makeup. And I tried to way away.

But that didn’t take a lot of time to go back and then I saw this angelic version of liquid eyeshadow just sitting there and staring back at me and I knew I was going to be charmed. I picked it up and the annoying “assistant” came up to me and spoke about like a bunch of things and I just wanted to test this out for myself.

As soon as we went home I immediately tried out the eyeshadow and it was just gorgeous. The pigment, the colour, the applicator – all of it made my life so much easier to apply glitter that didn’t budge at all. I had worn this for a party and I danced away while the eyeshadow stayed put.  And it was so shiny that people confused me for a fairy light. I was basically in love with this eyeshadow and I refused to share it because it would get over soon. But that day had arrived when it did get over. I couldn’t get myself another one of these because I was so broke, I couldn’t afford to be any more broke. Currently, Stila only has 2 shades available online, if you want more options then you can always check out the physical Sephora stores.

Luckily for me, last year Etude House launched their liquid eyeshadow. After trying out their products I knew the brand has some very interesting products.So I was willing to take a risk with their liquid eyeshadow, that looked all sparkly, at least on the outside. When I tried this eyeshadow it gave me the right amount of sparkle in just a swipe across my lids. The shine, the pigment was on point and it’s long-lasting. I mean what else could have I asked at such a neat price, right? They have 7 shades that are available online for you to choose from. I would totally pick Stila in a heartbeat, but Etude House comes in at a close second while delivering on the same promise.


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