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Everything Your Bridal Hair Stylist Wants You To Know About Hairstyles, Trials And Taking Care Of Your Hair

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Being a hairstylist requires more than just being proficient in doing up a mane. They also have to great poker face, which they have to maintain when their client makes unrealistic demands of them. When they show them a Pinterest screenshot and demand that same haircut, a hairstylist has to have the patience to carefully talk them out of it. Because more often than not, we have no idea what we are talking about.

One of the biggest qualms that a stylist who works with creating original hairstyles has is that the client comes in with a vision in their head already. While it is good to have something to build on, it can get tricky when they are unwilling to make adjustments. This is especially true in bridal hairstyling because there is so much on the line with the overall look. Hair stylists work closely with their clients to carefully craft a bridal look which is satisfying to both the bride and the artist. But this is sometimes hindered by reasons not entirely in anyone’s control, which a hairstylist would love to inform the bride-to-be of but can’t. Brides should not settle for anything less than perfect on their big day and here are somethings they can do to ensure that…according to a hairstylist!

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Hauterfly Bridal hair stylist Style N' Scissors

Ms. Ritu Deswal, founder of Style ‘N’ Scissors, the premier luxury salon in Jaipur, shed some light on brides need to know ahead of picking a hairstylist and working with them. 

What Are Some Of The Hair Mistakes That Brides Make?

Bridal hair mistakes can cost more than a picture-perfect moment for women. How our hairstyle is going to turn out depends equally on the prep that has gone into the mane on the days leading up to the wedding. According to Ms. Deswal There are a ton of hair mistakes that hairstylist comes across if the client times them too close to the big day. There are times when the brides come up with hairstyle suggestions that they want for the occasion but they fail to understand what will suit their face shape and hair texture. The brides also wash their hair on the day of the event which can be very difficult when it comes to hairstyling  when they have thin hair. A lot of times the brides have fringes and there’s no proper root colour touch up so it becomes very difficult for hairstylists to work their magic on brides”. 

Hear that ladies? Give your stylist a clean slate of hair, and mind, to work with and witness the magic!

Hauterfly Bridal Hair Mistakes

How To Prepare For Bridal Hair Styles?

The days leading up to the wedding rituals are crucial for a stressed-out bride. She needs to pay attention to her health, not letting all the preparations take a toll on their skin and hair. “Firstly a to-be bride should understand the importance of a healthy diet, it helps in achieving a beautiful, glowing and radiant skin. A to-be bride should go for regular hair trims and use appropriate hair masks with conditioners and serum that suit their hair type the best. In case the bride to be is going to be using heat styling then she should make sure to use a heat protecting sprays to avoid further damage to the hair. They should use sulfate and paraben-free shampoos on a regular basis from professional brands”, revealed Ms. Ritu. 

Hauterfly Bridal Hair Stylist

How Do You Choose A Bridal Hairstylist?

One of the most important decisions a bride will ever make is to pick a hair and makeup stylist. So how does one go about it without getting overwhelmed? “When it comes to hair, every girl gets picky. With various hairstyles trending and being introduced every season, it becomes crucial to do some homework before settling for a hairstylist who can do a great job. A to-be bride should consider a hairstylist who is well educated and see her past work and then decide if the hairstylist is suitable for their wedding. Also if possible the bride to be should get a take the hairstyle trial done before the final decision, it helps in getting proper clarity to select the best hairstylist”, revealed Ms. Deswal. A lot of stylists even offer free trials for the same, an option all brides should consider. 

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Hauterfly Bridal Hair Care

Bridal Trends And Hair Care Tips

Ms. Ritu also elaborated on some bridal hair trends for us. She revealed, “When it comes to bridal hairstyles, then hairstyles like romantic messy hair updos or braids with soft accessories are going to be big this season. Also, floral buns with a sleek front and soft waves could be the next big hairstyle this season”. We agree!

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As for basic hair care, Ms. Ritu suggested, “Every woman of today should pay special attention to their diet because diet, pollution, and proper hair care are an important factor for promoting healthy hair. One should consume enough proportion of protein, iron intake should also be included in the diet as it helps the blood to carry oxygen to the hair follicles. For hair growth,  intake of omega – 3 fatty acids should be taken for healthy hair. And then one should definitely choose hair products from a professional range that suit the hair type in order to avoid further damage to hair”. Noted!


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