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7 Vegan Beauty Brands That You Need To Know About

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If you thought going vegan is just a diet choice, think again. It’s a major lifestyle change, and is slowly taking over your beauty shelves too. As customer demand increases, along with the awareness of what exactly your favourite beauty products are made of, more and more brands are consciously making a switch to vegan, cruelty-free products and opting to perfect their formulas with plant-based alternatives that are free from animal by-products. From Charlotte Tilbury to Milk Makeup and Hourglass Cosmetics, these brands are paving the way towards a vegan make-up revolution.

But, like all buzzwords in beauty – organic, natural, green – the definition of vegan makeup has been shrouded in controversy. While we all know that vegan products can’t contain honey or beeswax (which act as great natural moisturisers) and naturally derived lactic acid (great for skin brightening), what you didn’t know is that some of the most commonplace ingredients like glycerine, keratin and collagen are extracted from animals. Perhaps, the only way to know for sure if your makeup is vegan is to become a vigilant label reader and be extra wary of any animal products like collagen, carmine or tallow.

It’s safe to say that even if you aren’t raring to make a dramatic lifestyle shift, going vegan with your beauty products and skincare regime may be a small but effective step towards being more environmentally conscious. So, scroll down and indulge in guilt-free beauty buys if you are seeking a transition to 100 percent vegan products and turning that green corner.



Axiology Natural Lipsticks

Specialising in natural, organic and ethically made lipsticks, Axiology is a brand that’s wholly dedicated to vegan beauty. What makes their range of every day shimmer lippies one of our top faves is that it’s loaded with delicious ingredient like avocado butter, coconut oil, organic grape seed oil and Vitamin E. The cool range of shades add just the right hint of sheen, while the creamy rich texture is just what your lips need to bid adieu to dryness.


Milk Makeup

Milk Makeup Blur Liquid Matte Foundation

Eclipsing the obsession with sulphates and parabens, Milk Makeup decided to go 100 per cent vegan last year launching a dreamy line of foundations, lipsticks and eye palettes. We could swear by their feathery light Blur Liquid Matte Foundation that contains an oil-free and silicone-free formula that lends full coverage, while leaving an airy serum-like feel on the skin. Available in a bunch of shades to suit every skin tone, the pore blurring foundations work like a charm in diffusing oiliness and lending an oh-so-smooth matte finish. Gluten-free and cruelty free, we also love the sleek packaging of these babies.


Hourglass Cosmetics

Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush

This beauty brand recently made the commitment to be 100 percent vegan by 2020. In the meantime, whilst not every product from the Hourglass is free from animal-derived ingredients, they have a pretty extensive list of makeup that’s completely vegan. For instance, their Ambient Lighting Powder is formulated without fragrance, paraben, or gluten. We absolutely love the soft focus and multi-dimensional hues that it lends to the face.


Inika Organics

Inika Organic Certified Lip & Cheek Cream

Arguably one of the most popular vegan makeup brands on the shelves, Inika has a ton of choices when it comes to primers, bronzers, liquid foundations, highlighting creams and super-pigmented lipsticks. Packed with the goodness of natural ingredients like shea butter, fruit extracts, plant seed oils and coca seed butter, Inika steers clear of any synthetic substances, gluten or lactose, and animal fatty acids. We have been obsessing over their Certified Organic Lip & Cheek Cream tint that seamlessly blends into the lips and cheeks, imparting a subtle rosy blush. Infused with sweet almond oil and Vitamin E, the formula hydrates the skin ensuring lasting colour, and the sheer finish makes all the difference.


Vegan beauty brand Jefree Starr

Jefree Star Cosmetics Jaw Breaker Palette

This vegan-friendly brand is known for creating some of the coolest colour palettes around, and lucky for us it’s made entirely from organic, plant-based ingredients. The Jaw Breaker Palette takes on a rainbow colour story, with 24 bright eye shadows. Each shade is intensely pigmented, filled with blendable mattes, blinding shimmers, and silky metallics. Have you ever seen a palette so pretty? Didn’t think so. This one is a clear winner in our beauty kits.


Vegan beauty brand TooFaced

Too Faced Hangover Good in Bed Hydrating Serum

A brand that has been a dedicated member of PETA’s Beauty Without Bunnies cruelty-free program since 2001, continues its practice of not testing their products on animals and adopting vegan alternative in its formulations. One of our favourites from their stable of al natural products is the TooFaced Hangover Good In Bed Serum, that’s packed with ultra-nourishing ingredients like yogurt and anti-oxidant rich exotic dragon fruit. It’s what we reach out for every time our skin craves for a burst of hydration and instant moisture.


Charlotte Tilbury

Charlotte Tilbury Bar Of Gold Palette 

All that glitters is (certainly) gold when it comes to this luxurious highlighter palette from Charlotte Tilbury. Featuring three show-stopping shades, it’s your go-to kit for a sun-kissed complexion or a soft goddess blush. The light-reflecting powder instantly illuminates and comes to your rescue, every single time, your skin could use just a bit of cheer. We are also sold on the fact that its completely vegan, and free from talc, paraben and alcohol.


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