6 Hairstyles That Are Secretly Damaging Your Hair

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We all love our regular ponytail or our night-time messy bun. But, did you know there are certain party hairstyles or home hairstyles that are secretly harming your hair? I know, it’s life-changing. So, let me break it down.

Here are 7 hairstyles you need to beware of and why.

messy bun

1. The Loose Messy Bun

Sometimes we do this to sleep and sometimes to preserve a blowout. While it’s okay to wear for a couple of hours in the day, absolutely avoid putting your hair up at night! Pulling your hair back like that, while you sleep, causes a lot of tugging at your hair line. This can cause hair loss. Through the day, and especially through the night, your head moves around a lot against the bed or pillow, which adds to the stress on your tied-up hair.

But if you absolutely have to tie it up, make sure it’s SUPER loose and you have satin or silk pillow covers that lessen the friction.

wet hairdos

2. Wet Look Hairdos

If you don’t want to suffer major hair loss or frizz, don’t tie up your hair when it’s wet. And yes, avoid the wet look. Wet hair is far more prone to damage than dry hair. Products that give you the wet look, also bring with them a lot of damage, causing brittle hair and breakage.

Ever try tying your hair when its wet, and then pulling your hair tie off later? You’ll see the amount of hairfall for yourself.


3. The Usual Ponytail Or Bun

We know it’s the easiest way to put your hair up, but switch up your style. Tight buns and ponytails can cause your hair to start breaking because it pulls on your hair. Plus, you start denting your hair in the same place everyday, causing shape change and fraying. Try leaving your hair down every once in a while, switch up your hairstyle, and use hair bands with soft, cloth coating.

tight braids

4. Tight Braids

I’m not talking about the loose ones you tie when you’re home alone. This is about those waterfall braids, tight, braids, and reverse braids. When you have to achieve a style, you end up really pulling at the hairs to make your braid look perfect. So, save this for a special occasion

Also, after any braided hairstyle, try to use essential oils on your hair to bring back the moisture. After a long day, come back home, open your hair, oil it, and then sleep.

super straight hair

5. Super Straight Hair Or Bangs

This means you’re straightening your hair every day, and nope, there is no way to justify that or lessen the damage it causes. You’ll face alopecia, dry hair, and damaged hair if this continues on a daily basis. That said, a little bit of blow drying is a better option (not your full head). And if you’re going to use an iron every now and then, opt for a ceramic or tourmaline one.

hair extensions

6. Extensions

Wearing hair extensions on a daily basis is kind of ironic. It only pulls at your hair, especially with daily activity, and breaks your hair. This means, your hair will appear even more thin and brittle. If you have a hair loss problem, you might want to invest in a good wig, and visit a trichologist to treat your hair.

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