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5 Surprising But Fabulous Beauty Benefits Of Love!

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It’s 11th February today. Chances are you’ve read enough articles of love to tide you through a lifetime. You’ve read the cheesy stuff, the romantic stuff and we are serving up the sex stuff. You won’t find any of the teddy bear romance kind of thing here, we are giving you hard facts about why being in love has beauty benefits. And we are not making this stuff up. These are the benefits backed by science. Here’s what you need to know about making your skin look radiant. And you’ll have to figure out the falling in love bit but that’s a tiny glitch, right?

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It Releases Stress

Being struck by cupid brings down stress. And it’s not just because you are getting some in the sack, though that helps, hugging, cuddling and just being with that person releases oxytocin, that works as a stress buster, and improves your mood. And a better mood just means you look better!

It’s Anti-Ageing

If you are starting to see the first signs of ageing, the first appearance of a wrinkle perhaps, get yourself a new bae, stat. Sex and love can boost collagen production which works like an anti-ageing serum. Which means you look younger. Really, love can do all sorts of awesome things.

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You’ll Be All Glow-y

You know that glow you get when you have been running and working up a sweat? Yeah, you can get that from just being in love. I mean, not the exercise, but the glow. Internal excitement, you know the kind caused by being in love, can cause the capillaries to dilate giving your entire face to light up with a rosy glow.

Break up With Acne

Being in love and having sex can also clear up your skin. It’s true. Getting hot and heavy on the regular can balance out hormones which means that your pimples will be leaving your face in a jiffy. And honestly, that’s a great beauty benefit right there.

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It Gives You Shiny, Bouncy Hair

You can actually say goodbye to frizz, hairfall and the like when you are in love. Research shows that being in love and getting naughty regularly ups your body’s ability to absorb nutrients. Which means, healthy, shiny hair that could feature in a commercial simply requires you to be in love.

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