5 Photo Editing Apps For Your Best Beauty Selfie!

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We’re all guilty as charged! Even no filter isn’t really, completely no filter anymore, is it? I mean, we all want to put our best selves out there and everyone knows, a camera, no matter how HD, doesn’t always do justice.

So, if you want selfies that are as LIT as those of your favourite blogger’s, there are 2 steps you need to take. One, find great lighting, and two, edit it!

Of course, a little help is good, too much means you’re not even yourself anymore, and nobody wants that, right?



1. Facetune

Facetune comes for a small price on the App Store and Play Store, but let me tell you, it’s totally worth it. Get rid of wrinkles, cover up acne, and give yourself the appearance of a thinner face, all with this one app!

Download for iOS and Android.



2. Snapseed

Snapseed is a free app and can be used to enhance all your pictures. They’ve got a great range of filters and functions to help you change or edit the look and feel of your entire photo. You can choose to work on a few sections or the entire thing.

Download for iOS and Android.



3. PicMonkey

The PicMonkey app allows you to add makeup, blur things, and even add a fake tan! Unfortunately, downloading this app may be free, but all of its functions don’t come without a small price.

Download for Android.


4. CreamCam

Enhance your selfie with this brightening and blurring tool. Hide flyaways and brighten dull parts of your skin, maybe even light up your highlight zones to display the perfect face structure in all your pictures.

Download for Android.




Get on the cool-girl train, and fast, with the simple VSCO app. Take great, high-res pictures and apply the VSCO effects to give them the perfect Insta feel.

Download for Android.

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