8 Food Safety Mistakes To Avoid To Keep Your Gut Healthy

June 7 is marked as World Food Safety day, and here are some safety mistakes you should avoid to keep your gut healthy! 

You must not keep cooked food in the fridge for more than four days and if you intend it keep it longer, it is best to store it in the freezer. 

Keeping cooked food in fridge for too long

Must ensure that perishable food items are refrigerated within two hours of cooking. If you have forgotten to keep your food inside the fridge for over 2-3 hours, then it best to discard it.

Cooling food before refrigeration

It is of utmost importance that you check expiration dates before buying packed food. And do not buy food that is nearing expiration.

Not checking expiration dates

If you are not washing fruits and vegetables and consuming them directly after bringing them home, you are allowing harmful bacteria and dust inside your body too! 

Not washing fruits, veggies

Do not marinate your food directly on the countertop as it absorbs all harmful bacteria which multiply at a fast rate at room temperatures. 

Marinating directly on counter top

It is advisable to keep cooked and raw meat in separate containers as bacteria from the latter can infest the former.  

Keeping cooked meat on the same plat as raw meat

You must never wash meat as it can spread the bacteria to other food items on the counter. The best way to kill those bacteria is by cooking the meat thoroughly. 

Washing meat

You must never wash fruits and veggies with soap as there are chances you might end up ingesting the residue from it. Instead, wash them under running water.

Washing fruit with soap

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