7 Things That Make Supreme Court's Judgement On Abortion Historic

1. The Supreme Court of India ruled that under the Medical Termination of Pregnancy Act, the definition of rape must include marital rape

2. Supreme Court said that the marital status of a woman cannot be a ground to deprive her of the right of abortion

3. Unmarried women will also be entitled to abort an unwanted pregnancy within 24 weeks

4. Supreme COurt's judgement said that one cannot understate the consequences of an unwanted pregnancy on a woman's body and mind

5. Supreme Court said, "It is the woman alone who has the right over her body and is the ultimate decision-maker on the question of whether she wants to undergo an abortion"

6. Supreme Court said that the State would be stripping women of the right to their path to life if they are forced to carry unwanted pregnancies to full term

7. Article 21 of the Constitution recognises and protects the right of a woman to undergo abortion if her mental and physical health is at stake