Boney Kapoor Reveals Shocking Details About Sridevi’s Strict Diet!

Unfortunate Death

While the family did not talk much about it then in a recent interview, Sridevi’s husband Boney Kapoor revealed many details about the actress’s health.


Boney Kapoor revealed that Sridevi was very conscious about her health and followed a strict diet.

Health Issues

The director and actor also revealed that Sridevi has blacked out in front of him many times due to low BP, in an interview with the New Indian.

Strict Diet

Strict Diet

Boney Kapoor also revealed that Sridevi at times also starved because she was conscious about her figure.

Accidental Death

Boney Kapoor also said Sridevi’s death an accidental and not a natural death, as per the reports.


Sridevi’s diet was also low in salt, as per Boney Kapoor’s recent revelations.

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