Character Makeovers We Did Not Ask For

We're sorry but Sanjana's grunge-aesthetic was far, far better than her 'so-called' makeover in Main Hoon Na.

Yes, yes, yes, we loved Anjali's hair bands and her cool girl look more in Kuch Kuchh Hota Hai. Even though her sarees post a makeover were absolutely beautiful.

We know it is all about the Princess Diaries, but for once can a princess be relatable, and also keep her curly hair?

For a man who is bound to cheat, irrespective of his Biwi being No.1, Karisma Kapoor's makeover in the film was not at all required. You do you girl!

Excuse me, but why did we serve to the idea of what a hot girl should be like, according to the Bunnys of this world?

We're as Clueless as Tai, when she is pushed to get through an irrelevant makeover.

Netflix's Insatiable touched some hot buttons, when it twisted the idea of what is desirable.

The classic makeover look is presented to the audience, when the actress walks down the stairs. She's All That played along that and had us screaming, why Laney, why?