Expert Shares 7 Hidden Signs Of Depression You Should Watch Out For!

Depression does not always come with alarming symptoms. Here are 7 hidden signs of depression you need to be careful of as told by Dr Mickey Mehta.

1. Lack of appetite 

Dr Mickey Mehta said that if you have suddenly lost your appetite, and do not feel like eating even after several hours have passed since your last meal, it is a sign that you need to consult a doctor.

2. Unwillingness to talk

In some cases, people lose their willingness to talk to people and they might feel like being by themselves. In this case, you must try and confide in someone you are close to.

3. Feel like screaming 

Sometimes the noise inside your head gets louder than the noise outside, and you feel like yelling it out loud. If you feel burdened this way, you should talk to a doctor.

Another sign to watch out for as Dr Mickey Mehta is consistent sadness. If you find yourself in a constant state of sadness and sorrow. Even the happiest of news does not seem to cheer you up, then it is a sign of concern.

4. Sadness and sorrow

Insomnia is one of the most common and hidden signs of depression you need to watch out for. If you spend your nights sleepless, see a doctor ASAP.

5. Sleeplessness

One of the hidden signs of depression as per Dr Mickey Mehta is inability to stay focused and feeling jittery. 

6. Difficulty in staying focused 

If you feel you are not as emphatic or compassionate as before and have become a little too self-indulgent, then it might a hidden sign of depression.

7. Lacking compassion

Going out to soak in sunshine or fragrance therapy are some of the ways you can improve your moods.

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