Here's Your Guide To Choose The Right Jewelry With Different Necklines! 

If you are wearing a round neck blouse, then opt for then long necklaces or rani haar as they will add a touch of royalty to your look. 

With such blouses, you can also add a choker necklace to give a heavier look!

If you are wearing a boat neck blouse, then wear a choker necklace. This will make your neck look longer and slender. 

Dainty potli necklaces make for great accessories when worn with sleeveless blouses as well.  

If you are wearing  a collared shirt like this, opt for long necklaces that will level up your look!

While wearing a deep neck blouse, opt to wear a heavy set necklace as it will add a definition to your neckline. 

You can also opt for those necklaces that have defined and angular shape so that they complement your neckline better.