8 Powerful Female Global Leaders Who Will Attend G20 Summit In India

One Earth. One Family. One Future is the theme for the G20 Summit this year. Take a look at the 7 powerful female leaders who will attend the event. 

Akshata Murthy who is the wife of UK's PM, Rishi Sunak, was seen playing football with Indian school kids. 

Akshata Murthy - UK PM's wife

Hasina Sheikh, the Prime Minister of Bangladesh, is reported to have received a special invitation to the G20 Summit. 

Hasina Sheikh - Bangladesh PM

Italy's first female PM Giorgia Meloni is also going to mark her presence at G20 Summit 2023. 

Giorgia Meloni - Italy PM

Nadia Calvino Santamaria who is Spain's Vice President is one of the foreign dignitaries who will mark her presence at the G20 Summit. 

Nadia Calviño Santamaría - Spain  VP

Kristalina Georgieva who is the Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund has also accepted the invitation to the G20 Summit. 

Kristalina Georgieva- IMF MD

Ursula von der Leyen who is a German physician and politician will also mark her presence at the 18th G20 Summit. 

Ursula von der Leyen - European Union President

Raquel Buenrostro Sanchez has already arrived in Delhi to attend the G20 Summit .

Raquel Buenrostro Sanchez - Minister of economy of United Mexican States

Margaret MacLeod has been a US diplomat for 14 years and is also going to be there at the G20 Summit 2023.

Margaret MacLeod - US Foreign Service Official

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