Cher’s Fashion Statements Are Totally Incomparable And We Have Proof!

There will only ever be one Cher, the Hollywood legend who rules the world of music and pop culture. 

Cher’s talent, versatility, and ability to pull off some of the most amazing outfits ever, are amazing.

With her long black hair, statuesque physique, and knack for pulling off anything, she is a true goddess. 

When she’s on stage, you’re either humming along or dazzled by her outfit. 

Cher demands attention in every way possible. There are no doubts about it. 

Cher’s wardrobe is an extension of her art and charm. 

Looking at Cher, you can really tell she expresses herself with clothes. 

I mean, look at her. How can you be enchanted, beyond just mesmerised and applaud in awe?

A Classic Cher Appearance Made Balmain’s Paris Fashion Week Showcase A Winning Sight