7 Cute Hairstyles Inspired By Taapsee Pannu For All Curly Hair Girlies!

Author I Pragya Dubey

Love You Curls Like Taapsee Pannu

Like Taapsee Pannu, you should too maintain and love your curly hair!

Blow Dry!

The simplest hairstyle for girlies with short curly hair is to blow dry and apply a good serum.

A Simple Ponytail

jJust like Taapsee Pannu, you can also go for a simple ponytail look.

Something Cool!

A half bun like Taapsee is perfect for your casual outfits. 

Pretty, Pretty!

For sarees and traditional outfits,  a bun with some fresh flowers look perfect. 

Kaafi Easy To Recreate.

Kaafi cool look to create with a scarf!

Kaafi Angelic

You can also use some pretty hairbands for your hairstyle like Taapsee Pannu. 

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