Not Just Uganda, Homosexual Relationships Are Illegal In These Countries Too!

Recently, Uganda made headlines for its anti-homosexuality bill which makes this a punishable offence. As per the new laws, people identified from the LGBTQ community can be jailed too.

In India, same-sex relationships were accepted after section 377 was scrapped. However, currently, the centre is against the decision of making same-sex marriages legal in the country.

In Africa, there is a long list of countries where homosexuality is still banned. To name a few, Morocco, Ghana, Ethiopia etc. In countries like Kenya and Zimbabwe, only gay relationships are legal.

In Asia, homosexual relationships are banned in countries like Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, Iran, Maldives and Malaysia among others.

In Europe, only Hungary has certain terms and conditions when it comes to same-sex relationships. It has not legalised same-sex marriage and also prohibits same-sex couples from adoption.

In the continent of Oceania, countries like Papua New Guinea, Samoa, Tonga, Tuvalu, Cook Islands and Kiribati only allow gay relationships.

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