8 Tips For Long-Lasting, Sweat-Proof Makeup Look For Garba Season

1. Don't skip your skincare routine before applying makeup. 

2. Don't forget to use a good primer before you apply your foundation. 

3. Pick a lightweight foundation or simply use a BB or CC cream instead. 

4. Avoid using any oil-based or high-shine product, instead pick matte and water-based makeup products

5. Try to use waterproof makeup products as much as possible, especially your mascara and eyeliner

6. Make setting powder and setting spray your BFFs. These products are your best bet at having a long-lasting makeup look. 

7. Pick a transfer-proof lipstick or you may end up with a lipstick bleed!

8. Keep blotting paper and face mist handy. No matter how sweat-proof and long-lasting makeup you have, you're bound to sweat. 

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