8 Lipstick Shades Perfect For Indian Skin Tones In The Summer!

Beauty Sakshi Singh 1st June, 2023.

Mauve Lipstick

A mauve shade matte lipstick will go perfectly with your light-coloured outfits.

Image: Instagram

Beige Lipstick

Try a Deepika Padukone-inspired beige lipstick for that minimal look.

Pink-Brown Lipstick

Janhvi Kapoor in pink-brown lipstick with a yellow outfit screams the summer season.

Image: Instagram

Brown Lipstick With Gloss

If you have a red outfit like Kiara Advani, try light brown lipstick with some gloss.

Image: Instagram

Red Lipstick

Or you can also make a statement with your red outfit with matching red lipstick.

Image: Instagram

Pink Lipstick 

To give yourself a more simple and chic look try a light pink lipstick like Malla.

Image: Instagram

Peach Brown Lipstick

And a peach brown lipstick with some gloss is perfect for those brunch day outings.

Image: Instagram

Light Brown Lipstick 

Or try a more subtle brown lipstick shade like Ananya Panday.

Image: Instagram

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