Bigg Boss 17 Contestant Aishwarya Sharma's Top 6 Beauty Blunders!

Foundation Shade!

If you do not select the right shade for you skin tone, the makeup looks bad, and it is evident in this pic of Aishwarya Sharma.

Not Concealing Properly!

Concealing is very important while doing makeup, don't skip the step. 

Over Filling Brows

Over filling your eyebrows takes aways a natural look from the face.

Not Contouring!

If the face is not contoured properly, it does not look sculpted .

Overdone Smokey Eyes

In this look of Aishwarya Sharma, her smokey eye looks too much! 

Right Shade Of Red Lipstick!

Choosing red lipstick for red outfit is a risky choice and here Aishwarya Sharma has made a similar mistake

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