This Quick And Easy Parfait Is All You Need To Kick-Start Your Morning!

A parfait is a perfect way to kick-start your morning right. It is extremely easy to make, tastes delicious, and it is super light on your diet as well, especially if you use the right ingredients like Nestle Grekyo Yoghurt. The Grekyo yogurt is available in several flavours like strawberry, mango, pineapple, etc. so you can customise the toppings based on what you like. And here is a fun fact – Parfait in french means perfect, so here is a quick way to make a parfait parfait!

To make this parfait here a few ingredients that you will need:

Nestle A+ Grekyo Yogurt - BlueberryNestle Grekyo Yogurt (Rs 40)


Fresh berries

Coconut flakes

Here are a few steps to follow:


Add two scoops of the Nestle Grekyo Yoghurt at the base of the glass.


Add a layer of granola to it in order to add a bit of crunch.


Slice some fresh berries and add a layer of it.


Repeat the layering till you reach the brim of the glass.


And that’s it, you’re all set to enjoy this glass of delicious parfait!

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