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Psst… Disha Patani’s Diet And Fitness Secrets Revealed!

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After seeing her bikini bod kill in Sri Lanka last year, I was determined to find out Disha Patani’s diet secrets! I mean, is it just me, or are you also curious to find out just how Bollywood actresses maintain their amazing physiques while working gruelling hours? I recently caught up with her at the debut of Puma’s SS ’18 En Pointe collection, and she¬†totally looked the part of a living breathing example of #Fitspo dressed in a cute AF millennial pink Puma outfit.

We love that Disha is an advocate for eating healthy and not starving yourself, she even believes in indulging in a once a week cheat meal that’s so relatable – she’ll cram in ALL the junk food she’s craving – in her words she’ll eat as many things as her stomach can hold! LOL! But only listening to Disha’s cheat day advice might not give you her washboard abs, (that’s just a hunch I have, as a fitness non-professional), you’ll need to eat clean for the rest of the week.

Disha makes her diet sound deceptively simple: she sticks to balancing her macros in order to consume meals that give her the fuel she needs for her workouts. She starts her day with some fasted cardio and also includes strength training later in the day. Isn’t it awesome that her favourite workout is also the one she finds hardest? It really goes to show just how much work she puts into the gym to achieve that drool worth figure.

We really hope you are inspired, but if you’re still feeling lazy, give the entire interview a watch, and you can also find more Bollywood fitness secrets here.


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