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This Video Captures The Millennial Mom-Daughter Relationship In The Sweetest Way!

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There are various roles a woman plays in her life.  While growing up, she might be daddy’s girl, a fun sibling, or a crazy friend. These relationships barely change over time. However, the one that often does change is the mother-daughter relationship.

A mother introduces her daughter to the world. She is part of her every little milestone, from her first step to her first date and even her first heartbreak! But as the little girl grows into an independent woman, their relationship takes a beautiful turn.

This video captures a lifetime of care and love shared by every mom and daughter. Even the awkward moments like talking about intimate health. Rebecca, a typical millennial introduces her single mother to new experiences and knowledge, even about intimate hygiene! She tells her mother why she should switch to India’s no.1 intimate hygiene brand, how it maintains the pH balance of your vaginal area, and in the process keeps it free from infections, itching, rashes, redness and excessive wetness, while also keeping the intimate area fresh all day long with natural extracts.

Like any mother, Nyla too is surprised and sceptical to accept everything Rebecca says. But she soon realises that her daughter is a big girl now, and does know it all! They share a BFF bond during sweet moments like pampering, online shopping and even discussing Nyla’s love life.

We love this fresh take on a mother-daughter relationship portrayed by Nyla and Rebecca.  They show us that these topics are nothing to be ashamed of, and that moms and daughters share one of the most special bonds in the world.


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