Coronation Memes Rule Twitter After King Charles Crowned Monarch Of The UK!

Twitter found the King of memes!
Coronation Memes Rule Twitter After King Charles Crowned Monarch Of The UK!

On May 6, King Charles III was officially crowned as the King of the United Kingdom in a royal coronation ceremony that took place at Westminster Abbey. The grand event was celebrated with grand processions and followed by a star-studded musical celebration on May 7. While the British citizens celebrated the coronation of the new monarch of the country, Twitter turned the coronation into a total memefest by pointing out hilarious moments from the royal ceremony and it looks like the King’s age and Prince Louis stole all the limelight.

On King Charles III’s coronation day, Twitterati have given us the gift of coronation memes. When a portal pointed out that King Charles was crowned at the age of 74, several users took the opportunity to point out all the things people achieved at a younger age. And being crowned King at the age of 74 was too tough for the netizens to ignore. Very ageist of them TBH, but hilarious nonetheless. Take a look.

But hold on, there’s more. The internet also compared King Charles III’s coronation look to that of Star Wars’ Supreme Leader Snoke and we gotta agree, the resemblance is uncanny. Don’t you think so?

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Twitter also took the moment to officially crown Prince Louis as the King of memes. I mean, the Prince sure served some rather hilarious moments with his expressions and all that yawning at King Charles III’s coronation ceremony. He totally won the internet! Check it out!

The Lord President of the Council Penny Mordaunt also triggered several memes when she made an appearance at the ceremony holding the Sword of State. Internet couldn’t help but compare her to Marvel characters!

Some internet users even photoshopped King Charles’ coronation book with Prince Harry’s sensational book ‘Spare’.

Twitterati also took the moment to take not-so-subtle digs at Queen Camilla with a touch of humour via memes.

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And guess what? Even Katy Perry wasn’t spared by the internet as a viral video of the singer looking lost while looking for her assigned seat at King Charles III’s coronation ceremony went viral.

TBH, we’re loving the King of memes Prince Louis!

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