Jaahnavi Kandula’s Grandfather Reacts To Seattle Police Mocking Her Death: “Her Mother Has Stopped Eating…”

Our hearts go out to the family.
Jaahnavi Kandula’s Grandfather Reacts To Seattle Police Mocking Her Death: “Her Mother Has Stopped Eating…”

America is one of those countries in the world that is known for police brutality cases. Many gut-wrenching cases from the country have come forward where the police have acted in the most uncivilised way towards civilians. Another such case that highlighted how the police there are insensitive and shameless is that of Jaahnavi Kandula. The 23-year-old Indian student died on the spot when she was run over by the Seattle police’s car earlier this year. Video footage of the police who ran her over has gone viral on the internet wherein he is heard laughing over Jaahnavi’s death. Jaanhavi’s family has reacted to this shocking news.

Jaahnavi’s family reacts

Jaahnavi Kandula’s family is shocked and distressed over the release of the footage of the cop who mocked her death. They are questioning why the video has been released so late. “Why wasn’t this information revealed earlier,” asks Jaahnavi’s grandfather. He also talked about how Jaahnavi’s mother brought her up with difficulty and is still unable to come terms to with the fact that her elder daughter is no more.

The Kandula family has released a statement saying that Jaahnavi’s life is beyond any dollar’s value and that she was a beloved daughter. They also said that no human being’s life should be mocked as it is invaluable. Jaahnavi’s grandfather also mentioned how her mother is in bad shape post Jaahnavi’s death.

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What happened to Jaahnavi Kandula?

Seattle police officer Kevin Dave was driving his car at a speed of 119km/hour and he ran Jaanhavi Kandula over as she was trying to cross a street. The officer has claimed that he was not overspeeding. Dave’s bodycam video has been released by the Seattle police wherein he can be heard laughing and mocking Jaahnavi after killing her. He said that Jaahnavi’s life had limited value and that the police department should just cut her a check for $11,000.

There is immense backlash on social media against the officer who is shamelessly heard laughing after the accident. People are demanding severe punishment for him.

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