“Male Chess Players Don’t Take No For An Answer”: Susan Polgar Makes Shocking Revelation, Backs Divya Deshmukh

This is so sad!
“Male Chess Players Don’t Take No For An Answer”: Susan Polgar Makes Shocking Revelation, Backs Divya Deshmukh

Women can never escape sexism, no matter what field they choose. Recently, two well-known female chess players spoke about the issue of sexism being a matter of concern in their sport as well. The 18-year-old Divya Deshmukh was the first to raise this conversation, and reacting to the same, Chess Grandmaster Susan Polgar also shared her experiences of facing sexism. This coming from people who have aced in their fields only proves that society always chooses to view a woman merely for her outer appearance.

The young chess player Divya Deshmukh who has proven game on international levels recently opened up about facing sexism in her field. Divya took to her social media handle to address the issue after the completion of her recent tournament. She stated about feeling proud of the few recent games that she played. Divya further opened up about how after the tournament she was made aware that the audience was more concerned about her looks, hair and makeup rather than her game. She expresses how this made her sad and Divya Deshmukh firmly states that the audience notices the irrelevant things about a female chess player while the men get away with the same flaws. Divya Deshmukh also wrote that she has faced the same bias during the interviews where she has been judged more on her level than her game. The young chess player opened up about receiving hate only at the age of 18 and all because she is a woman.


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US Chess player and Grandmaster Susan Polgar reacted to Divya Deshmukh’s post and shared her experience about facing sexism. Susan wrote that for many years till before her 20s, she did not apply makeup to the games because she was tired of being hit on by the male players and experiencing sexual harassment incidents. Susan Polgar firmly agreed with Divya Deshmukh and wrote that sexism and discrimination in chess still exist.

But are we surprised? No, not really, because no matter how much the women prove themselves in a particular field, people would be more interested in judging her looks. We can only hope for a day when society stops looking at women from a sexist lens and appreciates them for the talents she has!

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