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Planning To Do It In The Pool On NYE? 8 Things To Keep In Mind When You Have Sex In Water

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Having sex in water looks like a lot of fun, right? It seems alluring and sensual every time we watch it on television. Doing the dirty in a pool or bathtub or hot tub or pond or just about any other natural or man-made water body can be so sexy. Having sex in water is RN on the top of my bucket list. That’s the one thing that I definitely want to try and I’m sure that there are many others like me. And with New Year’s Eve right around the corner, I’m sure many of us are planning to get some and maybe even a round of sex in the pool or hot tub! That, my friends, is exactly why we all need to get our facts straight about it.

While we’ve all imagined the scenario in our heads, not many of us have asked the one question that is lingering in the air — is sex in water really safe? And is it worth it? Well, speaking about safety, we all need to take some precautions while having steamy sex in water and I suppose we’ll find out if it’s really worth it or not…

1. Water Is Wet But You Might Not Be

Yep, you read that right. Water is not a good lubricant so everything won’t be sliding as you’re expecting it to. It can wash away your natural lubrication and make you dry which in turn will make sex rather uncomfortable. In fact, the lack of lubrication may increase the friction and put you at the risk of a vaginal tear and it could also cause the condom to rip. So, make sure that you get a good lube, a silicon-based one for this water sport.

2. Sex In Water Is Not Clean

To begin with, avoid having sex in public water bodies. Period. Public water bodies are not particularly sterile which puts you at the risk of getting a UTI or yeast infection and even bacterial vaginosis. Such places are home to loads of bacteria like salmonella and E.coli and having sex in water can allow the bacteria to climb into your vagina or urethra and then to your bladder. And no one wants to come home with an infection or sexual health problem. Not a risk worth taking.

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3. Water Won’t Save You From STIs

STIs are real and ugly and having sex in water can open you up to them, especially if it is a hot tub or jacuzzi. Using protection when you’re having sex in water can be really tricky. So, it’s best to have sex with someone you know and trust (probably a long-term and exclusive partner) to be safe.

4. Sex In Water Does Not Mean You Can’t Get Pregnant

You can skip out on the protection for the sake of your sexual health when you have sex in water but that may put you at the risk of an unwanted pregnancy. But this does not mean that you can get pregnant if someone ejaculates in water. If your partner ejaculates inside your vagina during penetrative sex, there’s a possibility of pregnancy just like any other normal circumstance. Sperms are called swimmers for a reason, y’all!

5. Pool Sex Isn’t Any Better

Let me just burst that bubble. While many of us find pool sex steamy and whatnot but having sex in a pool is not any better than having sex in any other water body. The pool has chemicals like chlorine which can cause skin irritation and more importantly, it can cause vaginal irritation. But if that’s a risk you’re willing to take, we’d recommend you make sure that it’s a private and clean pool.

So Wait, How Do I Have Sex In Water?

This may seem really vanilla but if you want to have safe sex, we’d recommend you do that in your shower, bathtub, hot tub or personal jacuzzi. It’s much safer for your sexual health and wellbeing.

What Are The Best Positions For Sex In Water?

Sex in water seems sexy AF in movies but there’s more to it than meets the eye. You cannot just stand in the pool and have sex. You’re going to need a comfortable position to have fun while you’re at it. When in the pool, we recommend doing it doggy-style in the shallow end of the pool. You have space for some grip and fun. Sitting in your partner’s lap and doing it is the right way to go when you’re at it in a bathtub or jacuzzi. And if you’re going all vanilla in the shower, you can always try doggy-style or three-legged stand or maybe just some good old oral sex.

Remember, Sex In Water = No Alcohol

The one precaution that we all need to take when having sex in water is to stay sober AF. Never ever get drunk and have do it. Not only will that be bad for your sex life (read sloppy sex), it will also put you at the risk of drowning. So, no getting high and getting into the pool. Also, remember to stay away from the deep end of the pool.

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