Research Confirms That Sex Toys Are Good For Women’s Sexual And Reproductive Health. Go Get That Vibrator, Girl!

Research Confirms That Sex Toys Are Good For Women’s Sexual And Reproductive Health. Go Get That Vibrator, Girl!

I personally believe that it is extremely important for a woman to own her sexuality and owning a sex toy seems like a first step (at least, for me it is). As women, we have to understand and shed away all the old-school ideas that masturbation is not normal because it is. It’s okay for a woman to like and enjoy sex just like it’s okay for a man. And the same way, masturbation is also normal and sex toys just make it much better. But society has institutionalised us all into thinking that sex toys are a bad thing and only “bad girls” own them. This, in spite of the fact that all us “bad girls” have been telling the world that sex toys are normal and now a recent study has just confirmed that not only are sex toys good for one’s sexual health but they’re like medicine for our reproductive and urinary health.

A recent study conducted by sexual health scholar Bat Sheva Marus and their team found that regularly using vibrators improves the pelvic floor strength, and increased the sexual health and vulvar health of their study participants. At the American Urological Association annual meeting, a physician at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, Alexandra Dubinskaya shared that the stigma around vibrators needs to be removed while adding that hopefully, it will soon be possible as the conversation around women’s sexual health has been normalised now. Speaking further she added that in her profession, they tell their patients to eat healthy, exercise, get enough sleep and “please use your vibrator”.

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Well, if anyone had any doubts about how important vibrators, masturbation and women’s sexual health is, we’re hoping they’re all clear now. For a long long time, women’s pleasure has taken a back seat due to the patriarchal nature of our society but hopefully, now that science has proved to us that women’s pleasure has a lot to do with their physical health, we’re hoping that the stigma around it may reduce a little more and make it easier for us girls to put our pleasure first without being shamed for it. Plus this is totally a sign that we girls need to invest a little in self-pleasure!

You gotta shop for that sex toy you’ve been eyeing all along, girl!

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