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Sex Workers Reveal The Weirdest Fetish Requests They Got From Their Clients

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I am pretty much a vanilla girl when it comes to sex or so I feel after reading the weird fetishes people have. Yes, I love passionate romance and a little kink doesn’t hurt – like bondage, blindfolds, and all that – but some fetishes are like just anti-libido for me.

As non-judgmental as we say we must be regarding fetishes, it really isn’t easy. And honestly, I don’t even believe in being non-judgmental about it. Like of course it says a lot about you! So excuse me but if pain gives you pleasure then I’d be considering you a sadist or masochist depending on which side of the fence you are.

These fetishes freak me out – one moment they seem normal and the next you realise they want you to pee on them. Ugh, gross! Thankfully, none of the guys I dated were sexually weird. However, several of these people feel hesitant to show their weird side to the women they date. Instead what they do is go to sex workers and make requests that they find it hard to accept too.

A Reddit thread has several sex workers come forward and talk about the weirdest requests they got from their clients. And you gotta take your seat and probably keep that plate of food away for a bit. This only gets creepier.

A user shared, “I had a guy once ask me to just lay completely still. He did the same, blinked kinda hard when he came, and was done. Stared into my eyes the whole time. The most awkward fuck of my life. But at least I got paid?” I mean, what was he into? Necrophilia?

“I haven’t had too many bad experiences but I did get a pretty unique request. So I do online work, I had a guy sexting me one day who told me sponges turn him on. The word sponge, the smell of one, touching one, doing dishes, all of it. So we roleplayed like I was washing dishes and I sent him a little video of me cleaning with a sponge like “look how soapy and sudsy my sponge is getting, I’m trying to clean up but I’m just making such a mess” and he ate that shit uppppp. It’s nice to get something completely brand new every once in a while lol, plus I was getting chores done at the same time,” a user wrote. Can you imagine someone coming to sponge? And this woman just got paid to do her dishes.

“One guy used to want me to make him cum in a spoon and then feed it to him. That was weird. Another guy kept insisting that I tell him that I love him. That just made me sad,” a user wrote. I lost my appetite at that!

A woman made money by doing a beach ball. “He has a balloon fetish. I thought it was a friend pranking me at first, but he was legit. He knows about my fear of balloons, so we’ve settled on using a beach ball as a compromise. Every few months, I hump a beach ball fully clothed for a min or two and make big money $$$$$$,” she wrote.

Another sex worker shared how a client wanted her to humiliate him. “In the intro room the client told me he wasn’t looking for anything physical but asked if I would walk on his back. Easy- I’m in. Go into the booking and what he actually wanted was for me to walk on his back in stilettos, engrave in (fake) initials onto his chest with my heel, stomp on his genitals, walk on his face, spit on and demean him. It was actually one of the most horrendous things I ever did- I’d rather fuck a creepy old dude then ever take a booking like that again,” she wrote.

Meanwhile this guy just wanted her underwear! “Professor at a very well known university in the US used to make me meet him and give him my underwear, 100 per pair, and then at the Target we’d meet i’d buy some more lol,” a user said. So he bought her underwear and then paid her to use them. What is happening and why do people have so much money?

This one is really heartbreaking. “Now she was fully expecting to have sex with this man, but all he wanted to do was to put his head on her lap while he spoke. Eventually he spoke about his wife who had died recently and they have been married for 50+ years (since they were teens). Apparently she had died of… I want to say cancer? The dress she wore was a dress the wife loved, but never had a chance to purchase, and the gentlemen had said that my friend looked very much like her when she was young. Basically stayed there talking until he had his peace and paid her to go on her way,” a user explained.

This sex worker explained how her former client wanted her to “snuff” him. “He wanted me to kill him. I had to explain that I’m not in the murder game and that being killed isn’t a kink – you can’t get off when you’re dead. Guy was a pilot for a major airlines, not gonna lie give me creeps to think someone with that kind of depression is supposed to keep hundreds of people safe at high altitude,” she wrote. Really, exactly my point. How can you get off if you are dead? Did he not think this through? I would not sit in his plane.

“Another friend was a phone sex worker, and a guy asked her to keep snorting like a pig while he beat off. After twenty minutes, and a sore throat for her, he asked her to squeal, “please don’t make me into bacon!” She said she burst into uncontrollable laughter, and he was pissed because she ruined his orgasm,” a user explained. I am sorry what was he expecting? Well, I really appreciate sex workers for their skills. How do you not punch so many people in the face?

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“That guy apparently paid her 2-3 times a month to visit him for about 1 hour. Every visit consisted of the first half hour of her fisting him HARD and the second half of her watching the Lion King with him on his tablet. I don’t kinkshame but that seemed like a kinda weird request. The fisting somehow being the more reasonal thing to pay someone shitloads of money for,” a user shared another person’s story. Why can’t someone pay me to watch Lion King with them? Minus the sex, of course.

Really, I sometimes wonder how can people have such fetishes and if they do, are they psychologically sound? Leaves me with so many questions.

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